A La Carte (May 11)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Ask Me Anything: Advice for Marriage and Concerns in the Church Today)

The Busy Critic and the Simple Church

“Busyness is often a mask to hide the fact that we are Christ-less. Simple church is messy church, because it’s an attempt to focus on organic relationships and authentic hospitality. It’s an effort to make things simple and to center everything on the church’s foundational gospel purposes. Taking away activity and propelling people towards biblical community will likely expose an emptiness. So it’s not surprising that when a church strips down programs and ministries and attempts to focus on organic relationships that they’ll receive significant kickback.”

Older Couples Are Increasingly Living Apart. Here’s Why

LAT or “Living Apart Together” is a new form of family that is on the rise particularly among the older demographic. This article discusses what it is and what is causing this shift.

Christina Lee Fast Speech (Video)

Christiana Lee Fast gave a powerful message at the Parliamentary Evening to Celebrate People With Down Syndrome on May 1. Why don’t you give it a listen…

A Time to Mourn

There is a time for mourning.

Exercise Tiger: The Disastrous D-Day Rehearsal That Cost 800 Lives

“In the months leading up to D-Day, the Allied powers organized a series of training exercises involving full dress rehearsal and live ammunition in order to give the soldiers a small taste of what they would experience during the actual landings. One such rehearsal took place in a small sleepy Devon village named Slapton.” What happened there was left out of the official record for a long, long time.

The Anemic Church

“Some churches are built on a foundation of entertainment and relevance. They need good pastors to go in and love them and feed them. It’s not their fault, at least not entirely. They’ve probably been led there by pastors and elders. It’s been their culture for years, and it will take both love and wisdom to lead them to something better.”

A Gospel for the Homeless

“In the Holy Spirit’s world, there are no ‘kinds’ of people. There are only souls needing the gospel. Sometimes people ask me questions like ‘why should we do outreach with the poor?’ I’m not sure how a Bible-reading Christian can think that’s a valid question.” There’s lots to learn here about ministering to the poor and homeless.

Flashback: The One Sure Mark of Christian Maturity

The Bible has the power to mature us, and as we commit ourselves to reading, understanding, and obeying it, we necessarily grow up in the faith. That maturity is displayed in the good works we do more than in the knowledge we recite. And this is exactly what God wants for us—he wants us to be mature and maturing doers of good who delight to do good for others.

Christ went more willingly to the cross than we do to the throne of grace. —Thomas Watson