A La Carte (May 14)

There are a few Kindle deals for those who keep tabs on such things. Walking Through Twilight and The Reluctant Evangelist are both recommended titles that rarely go on sale.

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Logos users, don’t forget to look at the free book of the month. You may also want to get John Piper’s Coronavirus and Christ since it’s also free to add to your library; you can add a couple more books for only $0.99 and $1.99.

Three Thoughts on Navigating Potential Conflict in Reopening Church

This is super-helpful stuff from Jared Poulton as he suggests ways churches can successfully navigate potential conflict in re-opening churches. “Many leaders are quickly realizing that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to the question of reopening churches. Each church will have to wrestle with balancing various dynamics when thinking about reopening, such as location, state communications and regulations, church demographics, church facilities, and volunteer manpower. Also, for as many people as are in your local congregation, there are as many perspectives on this situation—the nature of COVID-19, the government’s handling of this situation, the risk of disease spread throughout your community, as well as the best and worst procedures for churches going forward.”

Died: Joyce Lin, Missionary Pilot

Christianity Today reports on the tragic death of a missionary pilot, MAF’s first fatal accident in 23 years. “Joyce Lin, a pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), was transporting rapid test kits and school supplies to a village in Papua, the easternmost province in the far-flung island chain. She took off from the city of Sentani at 6:27 a.m. and made a distress call two minutes later, MAF spokesman Brad Hoagland said. A search-and-rescue team found her Kodiak 100 airplane crashed into nearby Lake Sentani and recovered her body from about 40 feet under the water, according to local police.”

The Rise Of Instacart And Online Grocery Delivery (Video)

Grocery delivery is an industry that has seen many year’s worth of projected growth compressed into mere weeks. This video outlines some of the industry’s success and failures.

Should We Give Up Privacy to Fight Coronavirus?

Jason Thacker, who has recently written an excellent book on AI, asks whether we should be willing to give up privacy in order to fight coronavirus.

Vindication and the Spider

Christine Farenhorst: “We confess that God created these little (or larger) arachnids, and the truth is that everything He made was good. My mind can extol God for the fascinating abilities He has given these little creatures, but my emotions often get the better of me when I encounter a hairy fellow clinging to the side of a cottage, or peering at me from underneath a dock by a lake.”

Formerly Known as Male and Female

Greg Morse writes about the tragedy that is the “gender unicorn.” “My generation grew up with a purple dinosaur, singing, ‘I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family.’ This generation is growing up with a sexualized purple unicorn, singing similar lyrics with much different meaning. How far down does this well go?”

I Feel It On Sundays The Most

Don’t we all…

Flashback: I Want To Buy Your Cheapest Phone!

I will keep this flip phone until I have been cured of that subconscious reflex to pull out my phone in every one of life’s unspoken-for moments.

Your faith holds onto Christ, but the greater truth is that Christ holds onto you. —Colin Smith