A La Carte (May 13)

It’s a pretty good day for Kindle deals today! The New Testament in Seven Sentences comes highly recommended and isn’t one I’ve seen on sale before. The Reason for God is another solid choice.

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9Marks has a helpful new booklet series and Westminster Books has them on sale this week.

If you’d like to put together a private, online study group, Ligonier Ministries has made their Connect Group Study feature free.

Trusting God’s Hand When I Couldn’t See His Face

Timothy Paul Jones writes about God’s care and provision through his daughter’s illness. “Two days after the hospital admitted Hannah, a physician called to let us know that her lungs weren’t delivering sufficient oxygen to her body. If the medical team didn’t place her on a ventilator before the end of the day, cardiac arrest seemed the most likely outcome. Based on the condition of her lungs, the doctor had concluded that the cause was COVID-19.”

Critique Gently, Encourage Fiercely

This is wise counsel: “When you offer critique to another soul, do it gently. When you offer encouragement to another soul, do it fiercely.”

Sometimes the Life of Faith is Just Walking, Not Fainting

Trevin Wax: “Right now, many of us are struggling, trying not to stumble over our steps. The days are a blur; our vision is foggy; we feel our faith faltering. It’s in times like these that we must look beyond the moment of trial and entrust ourselves to the God who has brought us here.”

The Elisha Foundation at Home Retreat

The Elisha Foundation is hosting “at home retreats” for families and caregivers of those with special needs. You can learn more and sign up at the link.

What We Need Most at Present

Nick Batzig reflects on what’s most true right now. “Every morning, as I scroll through my social media feed, I see more and more articles, posts, videos, and comments in which individuals are trying to convince me of how I should be responding to our current situation, medical advise, economic impacts, and civil freedom.”

The Big Picture Competition

You can’t travel right now, but you can take in the beauty of nature through the finalists from this competition.

Conditional Lives

Jeremy Walker: “I spend a lot of time planning. I think efficiency is a marvellous thing. My days tend to be quite full, even if not always well-constructed and minutely-detailed. I like a bit of flex. The bigger picture tends to be, in my calendar, a rainbow-hued glory of seamless transition from place to place and task to task. In the last few weeks, I have spent at least as much time deleting and re-ordering as I have entering and scheduling.”

I Miss Baseball (Video)

I miss baseball. So does Kevin James, I guess.

Flashback: I Love Parenting Teenagers!

One day you look at your children and realize they aren’t just your kids anymore, but your friends. You realize you’d spend time with these people even if they weren’t related to you.

Ah, Christians! What is your whole life but a day to fit for the hour of death? What is your great business in this world but to prepare for the eternal world? —Thomas Brooks