A La Carte (May 16)

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(Yesterday on the blog: The Book Your Pastor Wishes You Would Read (But Is Too Embarrassed to Ask))

What Is The Trinity Debate About?

Wyatt Graham provides a primer on the recent Trinity controversy. “For all the bad that appears during debates like these, the theological benefit through blogging, publishing, and conversations has outweighed the negatives. Many Christians today have re-engaged the Trinity and re-enflamed their love for God through their newly found knowledge.”

US Declining Interest in History Presents Risk to Democracy

History matters! “There is no scientific metric for gullibility. Nor can we quantitatively prove that civic ignorance imposes a political cost on society. These are questions of judgment. But if America’s origins tell us anything it is that a well-informed citizenry creates a stronger society. We may no longer be interested in history. History is still interested in us.”

The Incompatibility of Critical Theory and Christianity

This is a helpful article printed at TGC. “What is critical theory? And what should Christians think about it? Modern critical theory views reality through the lens of power. Each individual is seen either as oppressed or as an oppressor, depending on their race, class, gender, sexuality, and a number of other categories. Oppressed groups are subjugated not by physical force or even overt discrimination, but through the exercise of hegemonic power—the ability of dominant groups to impose their norms, values, and expectations on society as a whole, relegating other groups to subordinate positions.”

How We Treat the Church is How We Treat Christ

“If we cannot be bothered to get out of bed to get to church on Sunday morning, we are not just failing to bother spending time with God’s people but we are spurning Christ himself. When we have no interest in serving and caring for the Lord’s people, we are failing to care for the Lord. When we drop the ball on stuff in church and put upon others, we are spurning the Lord and saying there are other things that take precedence over him.”

Scrambling for the Light: Christian Depression and the Use of Medication

Dr. Kathryn Butler writes about depression and how it can be treated. “The world of clinical depression is dark and complex, a tangle of biological, emotional, and spiritual troubles that leaves someone feeling trapped in the shadows. In the most severe cases, full recovery involves a holistic approach that blends counseling, spiritual exercises, and the wise use of antidepressant medication. Christians afflicted with clinical depression can receive medication, like God’s other gifts of common kindness, as one means, among others, to help us rest our hope in God.”

How to Call Christians Out on Twitter

There is rarely a reason to call out others on Twitter. Thomas Kidd provides guidelines. “The problem is, not all of us are Paul, Luther, Spurgeon, or Machen. More importantly, none of us are like Jesus Christ, who was incapable of error. We may think we’re making a bold stand like Luther, but might just end up looking like jerks or busybodies.”

How Embassies Work (Video)

This short video helpfully explains how embassies work.

Flashback: Fathers (and Mothers), Do Not Provoke Your Children!

Do not beat down, but raise up. Do not provoke with impatience and injustice, but instead shepherd with nurture and tenderness, and do this through discipline and instruction.

The man who does most good to souls is often the simple believer who says to his friends, ‘I have found a Saviour; come and see him.’ —J.C. Ryle