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A La Carte (May 19)


Good morning. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

It hasn’t been the best week ever for Kindle deals, but there are a couple there today and there will be some more tomorrow.

The Wilderness Way

“Have you ever wondered why God appears cruel at times? When He withholds something good or allows something painful, we run up against the walls that simple religion builds to keep us complacent and safe within the manicured yards of our expectations.”

Why Didn’t My Pastor Tell Me About That?

Michael Kruger: “It’s one of the most common questions I get when I talk with Christians who are struggling with what they believe. They’ve stumbled across some problem in the Bible or some issue raised by critical scholars and they don’t have an answer. Then they ask: Why didn’t my pastor tell me about that?”

Supreme-Court Case Could Undermine Roe’s Viability

Joe Carter reports on what could be a historic case. “Could this finally be the case that dismantles Roe v. Wade? It’s certainly possible. As Ed Whelan says, the Dobbs case ‘provides the best opportunity this Court will ever have to overturn Roe.’ But even if the Court does not directly overturn Roe, a ruling that determines prohibitions prior to viability are constitutional could undermine abortion’s legal precedents.”

10 Behind-the-Plate Secrets of MLB Umpires

“Even if you’re not Major League Baseball’s most devoted follower, you probably know a few things about MLB umpires right off the bat. They wear blue or black, they’re stationed at strategic points around the diamond, and they ignore a lot of verbal abuse from fans who feel untouchable when shouting grievances from the stands (or on Twitter).” This article tells some of their “secrets.”

Be A Good Christian

“Are you a Christian? If so, do me a favor and work diligently to be a good Christian. This isn’t some sort of works-based theology. In this scenario, I am much more concerned about how you represent Christ to the world around you.”

We Must Worship God on His Terms

If the Bible makes anything clear, it’s that God alone is worthy of our worship and that he alone sets the terms of our worship!

Flashback: Don’t Kill That Quote

Within 10 minutes of posting a quote, no matter what it says or who said it, someone will object. It is inevitable. No sooner do I post the quote than someone replies to tell me why they disagree with it (and, very possibly, why I am a rank heretic for ever sharing it in the first place).

Despair lives under the hopeless resignation that God doesn’t care, he doesn’t hear, and nothing is going to change.

—Mark Vroegop

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    This week the blog is sponsored by Moody Publishers and this post is adapted from The Kindness of God by Nate Pickowicz (© 2024). Published by Moody Publishers. Used by permission. Just like the Old Testament, the New Testament teaches that this wonderful salvation is extended to us as a kindness. Paul opens his letter…

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