A La Carte (May 2)

Today’s Kindle deals include a big list of titles from Eerdmans. They include some commentaries as well as four great books by David Wells.

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Westminster Books has a Mother’s Day Gift Guide that contains lots of really good books for mom.

(Yesterday on the blog: No Squishy Love, No Brutal Truth)

Where Do the Prayers of a Mom Go?

What a great bit of writing this is! “I still picture her never-polished-in-all-her-life fingernails filed by work, hands folded in prayer, rough knuckles yellowed. I see her gray head bent. I hear her whispers floating upward to the throne. I hear my name. I hear my brother’s names. Where are her prayers now? Does the Father remember words whispered in the quiet sanctuary of a mother’s heart?”

Should Christian Foster Agencies Agree to Place Children with LGBT Couples?

Julie Roys reflects on a recent news story: “Bethany Christian Services, the largest Christian adoption and foster agency in the U.S., recently faced a gut-wrenching decision. Either change its policy and begin placing foster children with same-sex couples—or lose the more than 1,000 foster care contracts the agency had with the state of Michigan.”

The Funeral As We Know It Is Becoming a Relic

The Washington Post writes about recent and ongoing changes in how funerals are conducted. “Now, many families are replacing funerals (where the body is present) with memorial services (where the body is not). Religious burial requirements are less a consideration in a country where only 36 percent of Americans say they regularly attend religious services, nearly a third never or rarely attend, and almost a quarter identify as agnostic or atheist, according to the Pew Research Center.”

Things I’ve Learned from Being Adopted

“‘What do I have to be thankful for? My own dad didn’t want me.’ Thanksgiving was creeping closer, and I had just unleashed that question to a group of high school freshmen I thought to be my friends. If I recall correctly, it was the first time I voiced that inner turmoil. My biological father had walked out of my life when I was a year old, eventually signing away all his parental rights to me. For whatever reason, high school was the time I really started thinking on his abandonment.”

Five Ways to Help Protect Your Kids from Sexual Abuse

These are simple tips, but important ones. “There is a growing alertness among parents, educators, and the church about the need to teach kids tangible ways to stay safe. Until children are old enough to keep themselves safe, it is the job of parents and concerned adults to prepare them to navigate difficult situations that may occur when they are away from us. For this reason, it is always the right time to be educating children on concrete, age-appropriate safety skills.”

Canada’s Top Airbnb Hosts Aren’t Exactly Who They Seem

As vacation season approaches, it’s probably wise to better understand Airbnb. And while this article is Canadian, I am sure the situation is much the same around the world.

In My Place (Video)

You may enjoy this new hymn from Kenwood Music.

Flashback: 4 Methods To Organize Your Prayer Life

There are many more methods you can use to organize your prayer life. But the principle is clear: Give time and effort to your prayer life, not only in praying, but also in preparing yourself to pray.

Brethren, it is easier to declaim against a thousand sins of others than to mortify one sin in ourselves. —John Flavel