A La Carte (May 22)

It is a bit of a slow day for Kindle deals but I did manage to dig up at least a few.

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(Yesterday on the blog: How To Tell if it’s a Prosperity Gospel Church)

One Year Later: Reflections on Life in the Face of Death

Courtney Reissig: “One year ago today I checked into the hospital and didn’t go home for a month. Starting today, for the next four weeks, my Timehop will remind me of moments I’ve spent the better part of this past year trying to process and accept. It will remind me of the hopeful times and the terrifying times. It will remind me of the things God taught me and the ways I struggled. It will be good. But it will be hard.”

Welby, Curry and the Integrity of the Gospel

Many people appreciated the sermon delivered at the royal wedding on Saturday, but few knew of its deep significance within Anglicanism. “When Justin Welby suggested Michael Curry as the preacher on this astonishing world-wide stage, he was also signing up one of the most effective street fighters for progressive, distorted Christianity who – with great charm and verve – presents his own preferred version of Jesus to the real one we find in the Gospels.”

Neither Poverty nor Riches

Here’s one to ponder: “I don’t know what’s worse: the rich, miserable man who is attached to his wealth or the poor, miserable man whose great hope in life is to become wealthy.”

Infinite Scroll (PDF)

You may enjoy this poem. In order to capture the format it’s in PDF format.

Reflections on the Seashells Sermon, 18 Years Later

John Piper looks back on his famous “seashells” sermons 18 year later. (It was the subject of one of my Great Sermons videos.)

10 Things You Should Know about Jehovah’s Witnesses

Sadly, none of those things is good…

If Only Francis Were Luther!

Carl Trueman isn’t a big fan of the comparisons between Pope Francis and Martin Luther. “Roman Catholics should worry less about the current pope’s resemblance to Luther and more about his resemblance to Erasmus. To debate the content of particular dogmas is one thing; to debate the importance of dogma in general is quite another.”

Flashback: The False Teachers: Creflo Dollar

Creflo Dollar is one of the foremost proponents of what has become known as the prosperity gospel. This doctrine teaches that God has promised his people financial and other forms of prosperity in this life, if only God’s people will take the necessary steps to claim it.

Parents who know how to repent in front of their kids give them a greater gift than a Harvard education. —Scotty Smith