A La Carte (May 25)

I know I’ve got quite a number of readers from Nova Scotia and wanted to thank you (and your province) for showing up en masse to pay tribute to Capt. Jennifer Casey yesterday. You did the rest of the country proud.

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If you didn’t check in on Kindle deals over the weekend, you should probably do that today since there were some good ones. I’ve also added some new ones today.

Anderson Cooper and the New Normal

John Stonestreet: “The speed at which our culture is able to normalize a behavior thought just yesterday to be somewhere between questionable to unthinkable is stunning. To not mention any shred of ethical hesitancy around the decision to purchase procreation, particularly by a couple who chose an intentionally sterile union in the first place is one thing.”


Pastors will benefit from this one. “For the last 22 years I served the Village Church of Lincolnshire in the northern suburbs of Chicago with Sunday attendance of about 175. In all those years that number didn’t change much. That, for me, was a problem because I could not escape the sense that my success as a pastor depended on our church getting bigger.”

The Coming Pastoral Crash

Speaking of pastors, John Dobbs writes about what he sees as a coming crash for pastors.

Peacemaking in the Church: Covid-19 and Conscience

Here are some good thoughts on the necessity of understanding conscience during the age of COVID-19. “I’m a big fan of helping Christians dwell together in peace and unity with a love for the truth. What do we do when Christians disagree about how to handle coronavirus? In seeking the peace of the church in this time, I’ve been thinking about the role of our conscience in Covid-19. What does conscience have to do with peacemaking and coronavirus? I’ll explain.”

Pray for What Matters Most Globally (With a Tribute to Joyce Lin)

“There are great concerns about our nation, but let’s keep the Great Commission on our mind, and the Glorious Christ’s concern for all nations. It’s been my burden in these times to keep missions before us, as a pastor but also as a person who grew up on the mission field in the Philippines. This week, even major media news stories put missions before us in the death of Joyce Lin, a missions pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship who died while bringing COVID-19 resources and other supplies for a school and clinic in a remote village of Papua, Indonesia. She was known personally to one of our missionaries (more on that below) and is now known to many more.”

Recipe for a Grocery Revolution

WORLD: “Grocery shopping nowadays can feel like a game of Capture the Flag: Get in, get what you need, get out as fast as possible. No doubt, the grocery game has changed in the wake of the pandemic. The fog of coronavirus appears to be lifting as states begin to reopen what had been considered “nonessential” businesses. Grocery stores have remained open throughout the crisis, but it has been far from business as usual, and experts say COVID-19-spurred buying behavior will have a long-term impact on the industry.”

The Economy Is Tanking. So Why Aren’t Home Prices Dropping?

Here’s an answer to a question I’ve been asking: Why aren’t home prices dropping?

Flashback: 5 Warnings to Those Who Merely Pretend To Be Godly

Hypocrisy is an ugly sin and one that God despises. Yet still there is hope for the hypocrite…

Holiness is nothing else but the beauty and character of God displayed in our everyday lives. Holy living means more than victory over sin; it also means growth in character so that we become more like Jesus Christ. —Warren Wiersbe