A La Carte (May 29)

Good morning. Grace and peace to you.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Worship Round the World: An Update)

Definitive, Positional, and Progressive Sanctification

Nick Batzig explains an often-overlooked aspect of sanctification. “Many tend to think of sanctification as something entirely progressive, and, therefore, miss out on understanding one of the richest and most spiritually impacting Gospel truths.”

Why Did God Send Bears to Attack a Group of Boys?

We have all wondered this at some point, I’m sure!

What’s Expected of a Church Member?

“In our membership process, we make 4 basic commitments to each other.” This is a helpful reminder of what’s bound up in church membership.

The Plumb Line

“Who is the person you compare yourself to most often? Perhaps it is a family member, friend, or co-worker; perhaps it is even a celebrity. We humans are comparison machines. We’re constantly evaluating the stimuli around us.”

You Are With Me

Justin reflects on simple but meaningful words from Psalm 23: “you are with me.”

Enduring Death to Taste Resurrection

“What does it mean to live out the resurrection of Jesus every day?” Amy asks and answers the question through some of her life experiences.

Flashback: It’s Submission, Not Subjection

Subjection describes actions taken by the one with authority where submission describes actions taken by the one under authority. When it comes to marriage, church, and our shared life with other believers, we are instructed to submit, not to subject.

Every test and trial, every storm in life is another opportunity for you to see the glory of Jesus Christ and discover his power in your life. —Sinclair Ferguson