Worship Round the World: An Update

It seems like a very long time ago that Tim Keesee and I announced a new project called Worship Round the World. In fact, in some ways, it was a very long time ago since it happened before any of us had ever heard of COVID and before any of us imagined that world travel could one day just slam shut. It happened before my family experienced our great loss and before the other Tim was diagnosed with cancer. Back in the waning days of 2019, we fundraised for the project, we planned our first journeys, we prepared to set out … and then we were forced to postpone it all.

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But I’m glad to say that our journey has now not only begun but has gotten well underway. We hope to wrap filming by late 2023 or very early 2024. We recently journeyed to Asia and the South Pacific to record a pair of episodes. Having done that, we paused to record a brief update, which you can see below.

First, though, I wanted to mention that we are continuing to raise funds for this project because, while our original budget was set four years ago, costs for international travel have increased significantly since then. Funds can be given through Frontline Missions International, a non-profit mission organization supporting biblical ministries in restricted-access countries. Contributions to this ministry are tax-deductible. Thank you for considering this.

And now, as promised, can watch the video update right here.