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A La Carte (May 31)

A La Carte Friday 2

John Piper’s new book Ask Pastor John proved especially popular and quickly sold out. But more have been printed and for the next day or two, Westminster Books has it on sale.

Writing for TGC, Richard Osborne III explains how the legal system enabled—and will eventually curtail—the transgender movement.

We Are All Late Bloomers

“You want to grow. You want to be freed from a besetting struggle. You want something good, something God-honoring, but the struggle is always with you, no matter how hard you have tried to jettison it from your life—through prayer, through repentance, through all manner of very sincere efforts.  Discouragement sets in. Shame creeps in. Despair may soon follow.”

Imperfect Vessels: God’s Glorious Plan to Use Us All

This encouraging article celebrates God’s glorious plan to use us all, no matter how imperfect we are.

Be Quick to Listen, Slow to ‘Therapy Speak’

Hopefully you still have one of your monthly free articles so you can read this one from Christianity Today. (If not, maybe just wait until tomorrow?) Mia Staub explains how “using terms like traumaabuse, and toxic too flippantly has consequences for our relationships.”

The Reconsecration of Man

Carl Trueman: “Trans ideology and pro-abortion politics are exhilarating because they make their proponents feel like God. That’s why so many seem to take such delight in the acts of cultural demolition that mark the radical ends of the political spectrum. But there are subtler ways of desecration to which we are all potentially vulnerable.” He provides an especially common one.

Killdeer: With This Wing I Thee Led

I’ve always been particularly amused by the killdeer. This article explains why they do what they do and even draws some lessons from it. “For Killdeer prospective parents, bringing life into the world involves a lot of running around, flailing, charging, and chattering. But the brave exploits of this little bird might inspire us in our parenting, in our leadership, and in our gospel-appreciation.”

Flashback: Whatever Is False, Whatever Is Immoral, Whatever Is Prejudiced…

The very things that marked a respectable man a few years ago mark a bigoted or repressed one today. Society is so saturated with immorality it is impossible to prevent ourselves from being inundated with it.

If there is a God and he really did make you and the rest of the world, then you don’t get to define him in relation to you; he gets to define you in relation to him.

—Trevin Wax

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  • A La Carte Friday 2

    A La Carte (May 31)

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