A La Carte (May 6)


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Who’s Hot in Hollywood? – God is, according to The Globe and Mail. It looks at a bunch of movies including a new one: Moms’ Night Out.

How Does God Get Your Attention? – How does God get people’s attention? How does he get your attention?

Prayer in the Life of Jesus – Mark Dever focuses some attention on Jesus’ prayer life.

Signs Your Child Is Not Saved – This is serious and sobering: 5 signs your child may not be saved.

Every Woman a Mother – I appreciate this perspective from Boundless. “Here’s the thing: Motherhood was never about choice to begin with. It was never intended as a calling for some and not for others. Yes, Mrs. Scott, womanhood is motherhood. It always was. But not how we’ve been defining it.”

How a Dad Loves a Prodigal – “My dad and I are really close. In fact, we’re so close that I worked for him doing all of his bookkeeping for the year before my twins were born. I loved talking to him nearly every day, especially since he lives so far away from me now. But we weren’t always so close. I was once a prodigal daughter.”

It is folly to think the Lord provides grace for every trouble but the one you are in today. —C.H. Spurgeon