A La Carte (November 1)

Today’s Kindle deals include all kinds of great books. It’s a great way to start off a new month.

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Christian Audio’s free book of the month is Foxe’s Book of Martyrs read by Nadia May. There’s a selection of other classics for sale, including Nadia May’s wonderful reading of The Pilgrim’s Progress.

(Yesterday on the blog: Window on the World)

Does Pornography Use Ever Justify Church Discipline?

“At what point, if ever, does a persistent pattern of pornography warrant church discipline?” That’s the important question asked and answered in this article by 9Marks.

Mothers, Teach Your Sons

Yes to this! “My son needs to see that the woman who taught him everything from clapping his hands to long division is going to be mom enough to teach him the hard stuff, too. To address what the world will try to plague him with in no time at all. To describe to him in detail how the world’s way is so dramatically different from God’s way, and to commit to being his place to run when temptations overwhelm him.”

I’m Living Proof That The Lord Is Close To The Brokenhearted

“Why do I still want to follow Jesus? Is it because of my moxie and grit? Uhh, no. If you know me, you know that I’m the least ‘moxie and grit’ person out there. It’s pretty simple actually. I still love Jesus because the Lord is near to the brokenhearted.”

Semper Reformanda Doesn’t Mean ‘Always Morphing’

This one is a day late, but right on-point. “On this Reformation Day, we must be reminded again that semper reformandadoes not mean ‘always morphing.’ It does not mean that the faith is ever changing, progressing into something better. In many respects, to be always reforming is to be always returning to the gospel.”

US missionary Charles Wesco shot dead in Cameroon

“A US missionary has been killed in Cameroon about two weeks after moving there with his wife and eight children.” What a sad story.

The History of the English Standard Version (Video)

Here’s a neat little video that covers the history of the ESV. The ESV has been a huge gift to the church (and will be for many years).

The Very Heart of the Reformation

Here’s R.C. Sproul on the Reformation: “The Roman Catholic view is known as analytical justification. This means that God will declare a person just only when, under His perfect analysis, He finds that he is just, that righteousness is inherent in him. The person cannot have that righteousness without faith, without grace, and without the assistance of Christ. Nevertheless, in the final analysis, true righteousness must be present in the soul of a person before God will ever declare him just.”

Flashback: 6 Marks of a Faithful Ministry

The pastor’s ministry is a pure ministry that cares about souls, not self. The pastor who loves your money hates your soul.

Where there is no visible fruit of sanctification, we may be sure there is no election. —J.C. Ryle