A La Carte (November 12)

Today’s Kindle deals include some solid titles from Crossway as part of their weekly deals.

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(Yesterday on the blog: How We Worshipped on One Sunday in November)

Lucy Hutchinson’s Theological Reflections on Motherhood

Here is a thoughtful recommendation to read the poetry and letters of Lucy Hutchinson. Never heard of her? This will serve as an introduction.

The Leading Cause Of Death In Canada

Sam Sey: “What is the leading cause of death in Canada? The answer might surprise you. The biggest threat to life in Canada is responsible for 30% percent of deaths in the nation. The leading cause of death in Canada is preventable and yet so pervasive.”

The Loss of Life in WWI Visualized (Video)

This video marks the 100 years since the end of the First World War by visualizing the horrific loss of life.

Old Saints Where Are Your New Songs?

When captured by God’s faithfulness and his grace over a long journey, the pilgrim saints of Christ write songs with depth and power. Old saints we need your new songs.”

Do You Work When You Should Rest?

This is a winning line: “Jesus often calls us to rest in the areas of life where our flesh wants to work, and towork in the areas of life where our flesh wants to rest.”

Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me (Video)

CityAlight has released a new song, and it’s really good. Don’t miss it!

Blessed by the Brokenhearted

I don’t really believe in linking to blogs until the author has shown he’s going to stick with it. But this one was too good to miss.

Flashback: The Problem with the “Want Ads” in Denominational Magazines

You ought to read and consider this brief excerpt from Derek Thomas’s commentary on Acts in which he shows how our expectations of pastors—and perhaps their expectations for themselves—are often far removed from God’s.

True grace works the heart to the hatred of all sin, and to the love of all truth. —Thomas Brooks