A La Carte (November 12)

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Have You Ever Fasted for Abortion to End?

It’s a great idea, this. “I would like to encourage readers of this blog to consider taking a fast with regard to abortion. You may have voted. You may have tweeted. You may have donated. You may have volunteered. But have you fasted and prayed?”

What Legal Rights Do Canadian Governments Have to Restrict Assemblies?

Here in Ontario we are seeing local governments begin to once again restrict worship services. That makes it an ideal time to ask what the government’s legal right is when it comes to restricting assemblies. Thus, “In this article … I want to clarify how Christians should think about their freedom as well as clarifying how the civil government can, in certain circumstances, limit assemblies of people. While doing so, I hope to maintain a Biblical posture of respect for civil authority while asserting the freedom of the church to be the church.”

Seven Ways To Preach Christ From the Old Testament

“It doesn’t take long in a conversation about preaching Christ before someone says ‘Are you just trying to find Jesus under every rock?’ Arguably, the bigger problem in Evangelical preaching is finding no Christ where it turns out Christ was the rock (1 Cor 10:4). Nonetheless, it’s a good question at root: how do we preach Christ in the Old Testament? But there’s a bigger problem at stake.”

It’s Always Morning Somewhere

I found this one encouraging. “God said that His mercies are new every morning, washing over our world. In a burst of wonder or a quiet knowing they come, a daily gift of hope. A fresh provision of grace to a desperate world.”

4 Principles for the Exercise of Christian Liberty

In this helpful article, Sinclair Ferguson lays out 4 principles for exercising Christian liberty according to the Bible.

A Word of Encouragement for Pastors

Pastors may appreciate this word of encouragement, having been called to labor through an especially difficult time.

The Theme Of Reputation Management

It’s amazing (and concerning) how quickly organizations can go from serving people to managing reputation.

Flashback: Four Categories to “Act the Miracle”

God is so much greater than we imagine and, if that’s true, it’s a waste of time to pursue anyone or anything smaller than him. Ultimately, we mustn’t place our identity in who we’re sure we are, but in who we know God to be.

I have a perfect right to ask God for a strength equal to the day, but I have no right to ask Him for one extra ounce of strength for tomorrow’s burden. —Theodore Cuyler