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A La Carte (November 13)


Westminster Books has a collection of fall new releases on sale this weekend.

There are several solid Kindle deals today on books that have been relatively recently published.

Nose-to-Tail Preaching

“In recent years there has been something of a revival of ‘nose-to-tail’ cooking. The idea is simple. It begins with the observation that we have become accustomed to eating only those carefully prepared and packaged parts of the pig, cow or lamb that you can find on supermarket shelves. Smoked bacon. Ribeye steak. Lamb chops.” You’ll have to read on to see how this pertains to preaching.

It is a Weakness of Faith to Refuse to Mourn the Death of Loved Ones

“I am often troubled when I attend a funeral, and the leader refuses to let the people mourn. Those in charge of funeral arrangements, and often the families themselves, put so much effort into making the occasion a celebration of life, a graduation to heaven, that those in attendance might feel like their faith is weak if they were to shed tears of sorrow, but the opposite is true.”

From Father to Son — J.R.R. Tolkien on Sex

With the recent news that the forthcoming LOTR television series is likely to include sex and nudity, Al Mohler revisits an article about Tolkien’s views on such matters.

Abiding in Prayer

Emily Darnell: “As Christian women, it is quite natural that questions arise in our hearts and minds concerning our prayer life. Like the disciples, we want to ask Jesus ‘teach me to pray.’ We wonder what ‘pray without ceasing’ could look like, whether we are honoring God, and whether we should find some new method.”

The Ninth Commandment and the God of Truth

“Jesus came into the world “to bear witness to the truth” (John 18:37), and the world rejected Him and scoffed at Him. But His sheep know the voice of their Good Shepherd, and they follow Him. He gives them eternal life, and no one will snatch them from His hand. We, too, bear witness to the truth in a world that desperately needs the Savior, a world that needs the voice of the Shepherd who leads them to the green pastures of His transformative grace. May we love, speak, and walk in God’s truth—that we may glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”

Don’t Overthink Evangelism

This is good advice when it comes to evangelism: Don’t overthink it. Just get to the gospel.

You Know You Trashed a Conversation When …

Ed Welch: “We should keep a list of how our words have damaged relationships and undermined sensitive conversations. Our growth in wisdom depends on remembering and changing our foolish habits.”

Flashback: 9 Steps to Putting That Sin to Death

Do not think you can control your sin and allow only so much of it. If you do that, sin will win every time. The very second you feel that sin awakening within you, slam it down with all your force and all your strength. Cry out to God in that very moment.

When we shoot an arrow, we look to the fall of it; when we send a ship to sea, we look for the return of it; and when we sow seed, we look for a harvest; and so when we sow our prayers into God’s bosom, shall we not look for an answer?

—Richard Sibbes

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