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A La Carte (November 15)

Today’s Kindle deals include a few you’ll want to look at if you’re an avid reader.

Be sure to check out Westminster Books for a great deal on A Puritan Theology, a giant book I’ve found tremendously helpful.

Opinion Polls and the ‘Evangelical’ Illusion

Thomas Kidd writes about the unreliability of opinion polls. “The primary reasons that they are unreliable are (1) the difficulty in getting solid polling data on any subject, (2) unclear definitions of ‘evangelicals,’ and (3) ideological biases against ‘evangelicals’ among pollsters and reporters.”

Local Charlotte Church Released A Christmas Video

This little video is worth watching with the family. “The Christmas season can often make people feel pressured to give the perfect gift or feel let down when we don’t receive what we were hoping for. One local church in Charlotte tried to combat those feelings with a simple message – be grateful for the gifts you already have.”

Post-Weinstein, We Must Reform Due Process, Not Abandon It

“‘Call me old-fashioned,’ Tweeted comedian Kate Willett over the weekend. ‘But I want a man who will protect me like I’m the reputation of a guy he’s never met.’ As of noon on Monday, that comment had 37,000 retweets and 162,000 likes. Not just because it’s funny. But because it perfectly captures the prevailing mood. In the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s disgrace, predatory men around the world are being outed for their sex crimes. And in many cases—Weinstein’s included—the damning evidence seems clear enough to suppress the usual caveats about innocent-till-proven-guilty.”

And So-And-So Begat So-And-So

Here’s some counsel on leading family devotions through those long “begats” passages.

BC’s Hogan Twins Share A Brain And See Out Of Each Other’s Eyes

This is amazing. “BC’s Hogan twins, featured in the documentary Inseparable, are unique in the world. Joined at the head, their brains are connected by a thalamic bridge which gives them neurological capabilities that researchers are only now beginning to understand.”

Increase in Opportunity through Decrease in Tuition

The Master’s University has some exciting news: Effective Fall 2018, the new annual tuition will drop approximately 26%. As John MacArthur said in his announcement, “a reduction of this size opens the door to many young people that previously believed an education at TMU was not attainable and ‘allows the university to multiply the lives that can be prepared for Kingdom influence.”

Emulating the Mind of Christ in an Age of Misinformation

“In today’s world, we are faced with an unprecedented amount of information. Sometimes, it feels like it is coming at us like water from a firehose. For the first time in history, an average person with no particular expertise on a subject has easy access to tools which allow him or her to look authoritative and to put sometimes spurious information out on the web. Add to this that the conspiracy theorists may have a lot more time on their hands than the ‘experts’, whose academic jobs often have heavy administrative loads, and you get a situation where the bad information sometimes out-multiplies the good.”

Praying Mantis Love is Waaay Weirder Than You Think (Video)

God made some strange animals, but this is about as strange as they get, I think! (Beware: Lots of insect mating, death, and mayhem.)

Flashback: 18 Prayers to Pray for Unbelievers

I trust that every Christian regularly prays for family or friends or colleagues or neighbors who do not yet know the Lord. And while we can and must pray for matters related to their lives and circumstances, the emphasis of our prayers must always be for their salvation. Here are some ways the Bible can guide our prayers.

Beware of letting your tongue outrun your brains.

—C.H. Spurgeon

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    A La Carte (July 22)

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  • The Hands and Feet of the Bible

    The Hands and Feet of the Bible

    The Bible has life and the Bible brings life because it has been spoken by God. The Bible’s life, its voice, its feet, and hands are the life, voice, feet, and hands of God extended toward his people. For that reason among others it is always worthy of our time, our attention, and our dedication.

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    Weekend A La Carte (July 20)

    A La Carte: The wedding of the century / Why grieving people need a theology of giving / God desires your happiness / Sincere love and hospitality in the church / Real life is a better teacher than social media / and more.

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    This week Free Stuff Fridays is sponsored by Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. For the Church Institute is a free online platform from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary designed to provide free and accessible theological training to equip, encourage, and edify local churches. Courses may be taken as a self-paced individual or as a group within your…

  • A Field Guide on Gender and Sexuality

    A Field Guide on Gender and Sexuality

    God’s design for gender and sexuality is fixed and unchanging. The way he created us is the way he means for us to live. The instruction he provides in the Bible is all we need to understand his purpose and live it out in a way that honors and pleases him. The wisdom he provides…