A La Carte (November 16)

Today’s Kindle deals include all sorts of great titles, many of which lead toward the academic.

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Christian Audio is having a $5 sale on books that are of interest to women. There are some good ones and some pretty awful ones, so be choosy! (Recommended: Wolgemuth, Mahaney, Alsup, Michel, Reissig.)

Resumes Set Afire

This could be a helpful exercise: “It is hard to imagine, but try slowly dismantling your resume. What personal achievements have some importance in your life? Include health, education, weight, fitness, general attractiveness and unique abilities. If you were to boast, what might you boast about? Now, toss these out one at a time. Do some hurt more than others? What is left when the achievements are gone?”

Why This Dad Bans Sleepovers For His 3 Children

ABC ran an article on my sleepovers video. The kids would only agree to let me them use a photo from 10 years ago (a fact that cracked me up). Anyway, if you’re looking for a defense of the opposite approach to sleepovers, you’ll find it there.

What Is Theistic Evolution? (Video)

“Theistic evolution actually can be a number of different distinct ideas because the term evolution can have a number of distinct definitions. If you think of the most basic definition of evolution as just being change over time, there are a couple of different senses in which that’s true.”

Same-Sex Marriage – An Initial Response

Phillip Jensen responds to the news that Australia voted to permit same-sex marriage: “The nation has decided in favour of same sex-marriage. It is now right for the parliament to implement the society’s wish. Christians who voted ‘no’, and I am one, have a lot to be thankful for even in this result.”

Running from “the Black Dog”

Scott Slayton writes,”Last week the time changed and it would be difficult for me to overstate how difficult this time of the year can be for me. Depression nips at my heels from the first week in November through the end of February. Unless I take appropriate steps, a general sense of darkness will follow me wherever I go. I don’t want to be around people, I have little joy, and I can spiral down at the drop of a hat.”

Why and How Do We Sing to One Other? (Video)

“We all understand that our singing during our gatherings is for God. But do we also think about how we’re supposed to sing to each other?”

Netflix Thinks You’re Bored and Lonely

“At a conference sponsored by the Wall Street Journal last year, Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix offered a purpose statement for his entertainment juggernaut: ‘Fundamentally, we’re about eliminating loneliness and boredom… That’s what entertainment does.’ Eliminating boredom and loneliness. Chew on that for a while, and you’ll realize that only one of these issues is truly a problem, while the other is actually an opportunity.”

Flashback: Have I Sinned Against You?

Often our purpose in confronting people is not to deal with fallout from sin, but to air grievances. We want to give vent to our annoyances and then just walk away. Yet the Bible doesn’t give us permission to confront people unless we can identify the ways in which they have actually sinned against us.

If a person doesn’t love the church they don’t love Jesus. —Voddie Baucham