A La Carte (November 20)

Today’s Kindle deals include an unusually modest number of books. As I said last week, I expect things will pick up a lot on Friday and next Monday as we get to holiday sales.

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Board game lovers may want to check out Amazon’s deals of the day.

Church Members Must Keep an Eye on Their Elders

This is just so important. “In an elder-led congregational polity, church members have a number of important responsibilities; two main areas converge in the responsibility to guard the gospel. We guard the content of the gospel by ensuring that right doctrine is being preached. And, we guard the testimony of the gospel by ensuring that church members are those who believe the right gospel and demonstrate right living.”

Saints of Zion

For one week only, download Saints of Zion, a new album of hymns from R.C. Sproul and Jeff Lippencott for free. (Sponsored link)

The Coup in Zimbabwe

This article describes what has happened in Zimbabwe over the past week and answers the “What now?” question. (see also: Zimbabwe Can Be Born Again )

Wikipedia: Reader Beware

Wes Bredenhof offers a timely warning about some of the weaknesses of Wikipedia.

Fish Paralysed By Man O’ War Tentacles (Video)

I’d say this little video bodes well for Blue Planet II which is coming early next year.

The Early Christians Were Odd, Too

“It can be disheartening, not to mention frightening, when our culture rejects aspects of Christianity as strange or offensive. When Christians feel isolated and alone, it’s helpful to remember this experience is nothing new for God’s people.”

The Great Adventure – 25th Anniversary Edition (Video)

If you’ve been listening to Christian music as long as I have, you’ll probably enjoy this 25th anniversary edition of Steven Curtis Chapman’s “The Great Adventure.” Can you believe it has been that long?

The Pragmatic Benefits of God-Given Sexual Boundaries

“If God exists and He created us, He designed our sexuality. And if God is good, then He designed our sexuality for our benefit. Not only is this true, it has pragmatic benefits when we align our lives and behavior with our design. And recent sex scandals illustrate the destructive nature of doing things mainly because they give us pleasure rather than making wise choices that lead to our wellbeing.”

Flashback: A Debate I Would Watch

I would pay good money to watch a debate between John Owen and Joel Osteen. Wouldn’t you? Where Osteen teaches that we are fundamentally good and that we should think highly of ourselves, Owen teaches that we are fundamentally sinners and need to fill our minds with self-abasement and thoughts of our own vileness.

I believe the holier a man becomes, the more he mourns over the unholiness which remains in him. —C.H. Spurgeon