A La Carte (November 21)

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How to Influence Your Conscience

“For most of us, the normalization and celebration of sin has become so pervasive in the entertainment we grew up enjoying that it can be difficult for us to discern whether or not God is pleased with our lifestyle. There is often a cognitive dissonance between what we believe about God and his law and how we live. So, how are Christians meant to navigate this complicated issue? ”

The Crucial Role of Single Women in Missions

Stacey Hare writes, “I am currently working towards a Masters degree in Bible translation and, out of the required textbooks for my current classes, half of them were written by women. … It is the same on the field. Women serve as Bible translators, exegetical consultants, linguistic consultants, doctors, nurses, children’s ministry workers, evangelists, teachers and literacy workers. They saturate the field in every domain.”

The Last of the Iron Lungs

Here’s a fascinating look at the last few people in America to still require an iron lung.

Does God Predestine People to Hell?

John Piper answers the question, does God predestine people to hell?

If the Lord Marks Iniquity, Who Should Stand?

R.C. Sproul: “The Psalmist asked the question: ‘If the Lord marks iniquity, who should stand?’ This query is obviously rhetorical. The only answer, indeed the obvious answer is no one.The question is stated in a conditional form. It merely considers the dire consequences that follow if the Lord marks iniquity. We breathe a sigh of relief saying, ‘Thank heavens the Lord does not mark iniquity!’ Such is a false hope. We have been led to believe by an endless series of lies that we have nothing to fear from God’s scorecard.”

The Double Groan of the Gospel

“It is in the context of despised, inglorious, faith that the apostle Paul mentions a ‘double groan’ of the Gospel to the Corinthians in 2 Corinthians 5.10. His double aim is confidence in their travail for the Lord and consolation for the afflictions and reverses they endure.”

What Happens When Politics Drive Our Faith? (Video) 

Dr. Carl Ellis, Jr. talks about an important question. What happens when politics drive our faith?

Flashback: Why Christian Kids Leave the Faith

Few things are sadder to witness than people who once professed faith leaving it all behind. This is especially true when those people were raised in Christian homes by God-fearing parents. These children were given every opportunity to put their faith in Jesus but determined instead to turn their backs on him. Why would they make such a tragic choice?

The way to preserve the peace of the church is to preserve the purity of it. —Matthew Henry