A La Carte (November 29)

Blessings to you today.

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Personally Against but Legally For

Writing for WORLD, Denny Burk explains why it doesn’t make sense to be personally against but legally for a changing definition of marriage.

Finding Hope When Things Aren’t As They Should Be

“They year is winding down, we’re getting busy making plans and preparations for different events. As we enter the first week of advent, what are you hoping for this season?”

What is revival? Should we expect it today?

Watch Revival: The Work of God to be encouraged that God can perform mighty works in our day. (Sponsored Link)

Self-promotion and the Kingdom of God

“Self-promotion has always been an unsettling idea for me (self promotion being exactly as it sounds: the promotion of myself or activities). Any attempt at it has always left me feeling like I just drank rotten milk; like something just isn’t right.” I feel much the same.

What are spiritual gifts and how do we use them?

This article borrows Piper’s very useful definition of spiritual gifts.

3 benefits of writing your prayers

Aaron Armstrong briefly explains some of the benefits of writing out your prayers.

Don’t Flatter the Wolves!

Sometimes we just need to out and call a wolf a wolf. “Paul warned us that wolves would arise within the church to attack the flock (Acts 20:29-30). It’s not good enough to flatter the wolves about their graciousness and seeking to be faithful to Christ. This is not protecting the flock but cosying up to the wolves and I can’t quite believe I’m reading conservative evangelicals doing it.”

Flashback: I Knew It!

In that moment we will know—we will know beyond all speculation, beyond all doubting, beyond all need for faith, that every effort was worth it, that no moment of suffering was in vain, that no sorrow will go uncomforted, that no ache will go unsoothed, that no tear will be left undried.

If you can parent without the guidance of the Holy Spirit and his Word, then it’s not really “Christian” parenting, is it? —Chap Bettis