A La Carte (November 7)

Westminster Books has a good deal on Ligonier’s Crucial Questions series of booklets. Scroll down and you’ll find a lot more deals as part of a clearance sale.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Division, Jesus, Unity)

Some Things to Consider When You Consider Your Calling

This is helpful: “I know, the word ‘calling’ is overused. Yes, too often the conversations around calling are individualistic, subjective, and strictly emotional. But the term is still useful. When you consider your calling, what sort of things come to mind?”

Preaching a Church Toward Mission

Jared Wilson: “How do we preach toward good evangelistic engagement? If, as many younger evangelicals of the gospel-centered persuasion believe, we aren’t to turn our Sunday service into a seeker-targeted evangelistic event, in what sense might the sermon time fuel the missional impulse in our churches to reach and serve the lost? Here are some practical ways to serve this end…”

Preacher, Study the Text —But Also Study Your People

Here’s another one for the preachers: “Simply put, pastors, consider your people as you preach. Now, this might be easier for me because the church I serve isn’t very large. But even if our church had 500 members, I hope that I’d be active enough in my personal shepherding that I’d be able to consider individuals’ circumstances and spiritual health as I prepare my sermons.”

Pediatricians Say Spanking is Bad. Are They Right?

The American Academy of Pediatricians argues in a new policy statement that spanking is bad for children.” Denny Burk looks to see what the report is all about (and what the Bible says).

Albert Mohler | Ask Anything Live (Video)

Here’s a new episode of Al Mohler’s Ask Anything Live. He answers questions covering a wide a range of topics from theology, parenting, ethics, ministry, and more.

A Tale of Two Numbers

Kevin DeYoung: “There are two numbers in the life of the church that are too often miles apart. Although there are legitimate reasons why one number would be generally greater than the other. There is almost no good reason why there should be a vast gulf between the two figures.”

What is the Deadliest Substance in the World? (Video)

There’s some really, really deadly stuff out there.

“Flashback: How I Learned to Embrace the Stand and Greet Time

I may not know you, but I think one thing is safe to say: You do not have as much natural revulsion as I do toward a stand and greet time during a church service.

The cross is proof of both the immense love of God and the profound wickedness of sin. —John MacArthur