A La Carte (November 7)

Today’s Kindle deals include just one, but it’s a brand new one from Os Guinness that looks worth considering. Besides that, there’s a long list of general market deals that may be good to sort through.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Will You Help Me Worship Round the World?)

An Eternal Perspective on Persecution and Loss

Randy Alcorn provides an update on a tragic but inspiring story.

Give Them Something to Eat

This is so important for pastors to remember. “Jesus says ‘Give them something to eat.’ But we can’t. Not on our own. No amount of eloquence, no clever video, no carefully crafted exposition will reach the hearts of the needy people in our churches without the work of Jesus. That’s what Jesus is teaching his disciples and what he is teaching us in this story.”

Death of a Critic

Samuel James echoes a lot of my thoughts about movies. “By the time I was parking the car in the Yorktown AMC for the movie, I had been sensing a transformation. Cinema had lost its charm. I was bored by the same critically lauded, morally ambiguous films I had devoured in a previous life.”

Why You Should Go to Church [28 Biblical Reasons]

Here’s a long and Bible-based list of reasons you should go to church.

What Did You Do Today?

“Glen comes home to find me, face-down on the sofa. The house looks like we’ve been burgled. The kids are hollering and trying to find a comfortable sitting position on my spine. ‘How was your day?‘ I mumble into a cushion. ‘Yeah, fine.  Couple of meetings.  Finishing scripts for new Christmas videos.  Skyped someone in the States.  Wrote my talks for the conference and sent off a manuscript. Sent off the funding applications and did a session on Trinity with the interns. How about you? What did you get up to?’”

Ask Ligonier with John MacArthur (Video)

Ligonier Ministries recently hosted an Ask Ligonier session with John MacArthur. Conversation went far and wide!

How to Pray for Unbelieving Family Members

I expect we could all use some encouragement and guidance in this. “One of the greatest concerns—and heartaches—for many Christians is with the members of their families who have not come to faith in Christ, or who perhaps have abandoned the faith they grew up with. Many, many of us are burdened in our prayers for such loved-ones, and sometimes it is hard to know how and what to pray.”

Flashback: Why We Can Rejoice that Marriage Will End

When marriage someday ends, we will agree that God has not subtracted anything, but only added. He has not divided, but united us in an even deeper way.

God’s first promise was for the man of heaven to descend and save us. Humanity’s plan is to ascend to heaven and “make a name for ourselves.” —Glen Scrivener