A La Carte (October 12)

May the God of love and peace be with you today.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Longing for What’s Second Best)

Think Little

This article explains why we, as Christians, might to do better to think little than to think big.

The God of Your Troubled Heart

“Jesus knows your heart. He knows your doubts and fears. Tell him. He already knows. And, in your moments of greatest fear and doubt, you can trust that his mercy comes running to you.”

You Won’t Improve on This Definition of “Worldliness”

No, you probably won’t.

The Quartersawn Sermon

“A good sermon must be strong. Gospel preaching must be powerful. Pulpiteers may be tempted to manufacture this power by screaming and pounding the pulpit or crying on cue or displaying their learning with cloudy philosophical musings and psychobabble. But Paul instructed the young pastor Timothy to seek another source for force in his preaching, saying ‘preach the word’ (2 Timothy 4:23).”

Beware the Idols of an Overseas Life

An overseas life can breed its own temptations and idolatries. “Our lives are interesting. Fulfilling. Living as an expat means we get the benefits of two worlds: the richness, beauty, and adventure of our host country, but with all the safety nets from our home country. We get to travel to exotic places. We become exotic people. We get to stand out–not only in our host country, but back at home too. We are respected, set apart, even put on a pedestal.”

Avoid the “Us vs. Them” Trap

“Everywhere you turn today, people are split into to two groups: us vs. them. Good guys vs. bad guys. Conservatives vs. Liberals. Vaxxers vs. Anti-vaxxers. Tolerant vs. Intolerant. CNN vs. Fox News. You’re either with us or against us; there is no third option.” Cindy warns us not to fall into this kind of us vs them trap.

Putting Our Contentment to the Test

You may benefit from reading this reflection on contentment.

Flashback: Danger Signs of an Unhealthy Dating Relationship

There is nothing more important to a dating relationship than communication, so take time to talk about everything. Talk, listen, and pursue harmony.

It will always be found that when prayers are few, grace, strength, peace, and hope are small. —J.C. Ryle