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A La Carte (October 13)


Today Westminster Books has a neat trilogy for kids on sale. You may also enjoy their The Pastor and the Modern World podcast.

(Yesterday on the blog: A Manifesto for Times of Suffering)

What Does It Mean To Be Winsomely Reformed?

Michael Kruger: “It should also be said that being winsomely Reformed does not mean that one is weak, fearful, or lacking in conviction. To say we should be winsome is not to say everything a Christian should be. Christians should also be strong and faithful, even courageous and bold. But let us not confuse being strong with being belligerent. Nor should we mistake being bold with being caustic. The loudest and most aggressive people are not always the ones with the most confidence in God’s word.”

The Wicked Bible

This is such an amusing bit of church history. “A scandalous printing mistake in a 17th century King James Bible caused it’s printers to lose their license, and a vast majority of the bible copies to be hunted and destroyed. The copy itself earned the nickname ‘Wicked Bible’, thanks to an unfortunate, but hilarious mistake in the Ten Commandments.”

The God of the gaps or the God who makes the grass grow?

Rick says that “science, rather than explaining away God, has opened a marvelous window for us to see in ever greater detail what it is that God does every day to govern and take care of his creation.”

How To Never Burn Out

Seth offers a sure “solution that will keep you from ever burning out in your service for others.”

Essentials and Non-Essentials in a Nutshell

“We Evangelicals talk a lot about essentials and non-essentials. Rightly so. We talk about distinguishing between those areas in our faith – those doctrines – which are central or ‘cardinal’ doctrines, and those which are not so important. However, we often have trouble when someone asks us to define, distinguish, and defend this whole ‘essentials/non-essentials’ distinction.”

How The Gospel Guides us in Engaging Indian Culture

Jimit Mehta: “I grew up in a traditional Gujarati home, steeped in our unique culture. But my family also travelled to different states, multiple times a year. I tasted a slice of many diverse cultures, each as beautiful as the other. But it was only when I became a follower of Christ that I learnt to truly behold this kaleidoscope that is India, in all of its breathtaking beauty.”

Flashback: 7 Things Your Church Needs From You

God made you part of your church for your good. You cannot do life on your own. You aren’t strong enough, you aren’t wise enough, you aren’t mature enough, you aren’t godly enough.

We all want a sense of meaning. But, boy, is it hard work creating one. By contrast, the loving Creator God says to us, Stop trying to create meaning. I’ve given you a glorious one.

—Matt Fuller

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