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A La Carte (October 15)


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(Yesterday on the blog: A Master at Identifying Sin)

Well Done > Well Said

This is well said! “It’s always easier to find words for ideas than it is to act on them. It’s easier to write a love song than it is to genuinely give yourself for the good of another person. It’s easier to rail against the proud and greedy than it is to stop being those things myself. It’s easier to say ‘consistency is key in raising children’ than it is to be consistent while raising actual children. In almost every area of life, it’s easier to say the right thing than it is to do the right thing.”

The Absurdity of Pride

I think it’s quite helpful to consider the utter absurdity of pride, as Ed Welch does here. “Pride might help us feel strong and attractive in our own eyes, at least for a moment. But in reality, it is a gross violation of our created design. When seen accurately it is ugly, destructive, and utterly absurd.”

Do Not Trust Your Anger

“What if we never got angry? What would that say about us? What if we could see Jesus trivialized, the gospel denied, people oppressed, women degraded, children abused, lies popularized, injustice strengthened, and so forth — what if we looked at all that and felt nothing? How dead would we be inside?”

Daring to Speak

Kimberly Wagner: “This year has been one of deep sorrow and suffering like no other. Not just for us, but for all peoples across the globe. This has been a year marked by suffering. That is the word that will always typify 2020 for me personally: suffering. Little did I know, last November, when God put this passage on my heart, all He had ahead of us.”

Why Elon Musk’s Transhumanist Dreams Are Flawed

Transhumanism seems to be a growing movement and one that is taking hold of technological innovations. Here’s an explanation of why it’s so deeply flawed.

My New Neighbor, My New Brother

Though this article comes from a culture very different from my own, there are still some good takeaways.

The Guarantee of Holiness

Jim Elliff discusses “a plain truth which divides men and women who profess to know Christ into two categories, those progressing in holiness, and those who are not. It is a very simple principle to grasp. God knows whether you are his or not, but if you profess to know Christ and have no holiness of life, you have no right to assurance that you are a Christian.”

Flashback: Please Do & Please Don’t Assume Motives

It’s good to make assumptions if the assumption is that a person’s motives are good; it’s sinful to make assumptions if the assumption is that a person’s motives are bad. When we look at other Christians—their beliefs, their words, their deeds—love calls us to assume the best rather than the worst.

Anger is against God because he is the one who directs the details of our lives. In fact, in our anger and outrage, we have decided that we want to be God rather than submit to him.

—Ed Welch

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