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A La Carte (October 2)


Today’s Kindle deals include, among others, an older book by Kevin DeYoung and a newer book by Al Mohler.

(Yesterday on the blog: Girl, Wash Your Face)

3 Repeated Charges Against The Early Church

The more things change, the more they stay the same. “The church today faces tons of criticism. I’m sure you’ve heard of some of them (and maybe even voiced them yourself). It’s important to note that while some of these critiques are legitimate (and others are not), this is nothing new. After all, the church has faced charges for thousands of years.”

An Ancient Solution to Digital Weariness

This one is worth pondering (though I’m not convinced fast is the right word to describe the solution here). “These days it’s a tech-saturated diet that has me feeling weary. But instead of gaining weight, I’m losing meaning. My eyes are dry and strained from endless scrolling on a brightly back-lit screen. My hand aches from forming the claw necessary to hold my phone all day. My brain is exhausted from trying to survive the information tidal wave it wakes up to each day. And my heart is discouraged at the frustration and the futility in it all.”

Does the Bible Teach an Age of Accountability?

Stephen Wellum provides his take on an age of accountability. “Most Christian traditions teach that children enter the world fallen due to Adam’s sin, but some argue children are not guilty before God until they knowingly disobey God’s commands. If the child dies before reaching that age, he or she receives salvation based on Christ’s finished work. Once the child knowingly sins, however, they become accountable for their actions and have reached the age of accountability. At that point, salvation comes through conscious, active repentance and faith in Christ.”

Are Catechisms a Baptist Thing?

“I want to call my Baptist brothers and sisters to recover this time-honored method of teaching children (and adults) biblical doctrine. Over the years, my children and many friends have benefitted from this practice.”

The Romans 8 Driven Life

I always look forward to Jared Wilson’s weekly articles. “From slaves to sons. From groaning to glory. From death to life. We worship a glorious God whose grace is fathoms deep. Why would he do this for us? Why would he treat unholy rebels in such a gracious way? Well, Paul helps us to see in this—the best chapter in the best letter in the best book of all time—that it is all because our God is love. And there is in fact more love in God than sin in us.”

Not Many of You Should Become Writers, Readers, Publishers, or Editors

Lore Ferguson Wilbert interacts with a comment I made in yesterday’s article and puts out a call for honesty and discernment.

How To Stop Spreading Lies on the Internet

This is important. “The truth matters. When we share lies and misinformation, especially when we do so to discredit and public figure, we defame someone made in the image of God and bring shame on the name of Christ. Because Christians live as ambassadors for Christ in this world, we can and must exercise more caution and discernment concerning what we share on the Internet.”

Flashback: Heroes, Hagiography, and Villainy

If we want to have heroes, and the Bible seems to make it clear that we can and should, our only option is heroes who have sinned. And I believe we can laud those heroes for their faith, even while acknowledging their weaknesses.

Our murmuring is the devil’s music.

—Thomas Watson

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