A La Carte (October 28)

Grace and peace to you today, my friends.

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There are just a couple of new Kindle deals today following yesterday’s huge list.

Westminster Books is having a Reformation Day Sale that includes some good titles.

(Yesterday on the blog: Forest Fires & Apple Orchards)

Why I Am a Creationist

Tony Payne: “As the preacher on Sunday pointed out, these verses in Romans 9 are difficult for us because we are profoundly convinced that we are at the centre of the universe, not God. We can’t cope with the idea that we might be bit players in someone else’s drama, rather than the star of our own story.”

What if I Struggle Wanting to Read the Bible? (Video)

We all go through stretches when we struggle to read the Bible. In this brief video, Dr. Nate Brooks address such times.

When the Beauty Never Leaves

“Every believer likely has certain places where they feel eternity bleeding through into the present. Places where the beauty of this world awaken some kind of deep memory – or prophecy – of another world. Eden that was lost, or Eden to be remade.” This is a sweet and encouraging article.

Meaningful Membership at Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle

This is a very interesting look at the importance of membership in Spurgeon’s church. “In the first 6 1/2 years of his ministry at the New Park Street Chapel, the church took in 1,442 new members. That’s 1,442 membership interviews by a deacon, 1,442 meetings with Spurgeon, 1,442 membership visitations, 1,442 testimonies before the congregation, and 1,442 approvals by the congregation (not to mention over a thousand baptisms, as most of these were new converts).”

The Places I Used To Pray

“I’ve always found it helpful to have specific spots I can go to meet with God, to get away from the house and the desk and the lists and walk down to one of our spots—whether it was a tree, or a quay, or a beach, or the wall around a graveyard, or that little chapel at university—and talk freely, without interruption. After spending time with my Maker in these places, they begin to take on a new significance to me, a kind of personal sacredness, because these little corners of ground were set apart for special use.”

Galatians Is the Antidote to Legalism and Antinomianism

This article aptly explains how Galatians addresses both legalism and antinomianism. “I’ve found that many Christians, post-conversion, tend toward legalism or antinomianism in their pursuit of sanctification. … Not all Christians struggle deeply in one of these areas, but the tendency is widespread. That’s why we so desperately need Galatians.”

9 Things You Should Know About ‘Christian Science’

I hadn’t heard much about Christian Science for some time, but it’s recently been on the scene again because of vaccine mandates. Joe Carter has a good little roundup of its core beliefs.

Flashback: What’s The Point Of Family Devotions?

While we have appealed to our kids to take seriously their personal relationship with God and to build habits of personal devotion, we’ve also wanted to gather before God as a family, to hear the same words from God and to pray the same prayers to God.

There is no way that Christians, in a private capacity, can do so much to promote the work of God and advance the kingdom of Christ as by prayer. —Jonathan Edwards