A La Carte (October 3)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Two Habits of Successful Parents)

“Is This a Sin?”: Ethical Triage and Church Discipline

As it pertains to church discipline, how should a church evaluate moral controversies where there’s not an immediate or obvious answer? For example, should a church discipline a member who owns a payday lending business? To answer this question, churches and their leaders need to engage in ethical triage, understanding why our moral witness as local church members is essential to our credibility as Christians.”

How Christians Should Respond to Kanye’s Reported Conversion

“Maybe it’s because this has the markings of a choreographed stunt that more than a few Christians have reacted with what could fairly be described as agitated skepticism. The New York Post ran a whole piece giving the Kanye/Christ doubters a chance to amplify their denials. This isn’t the first time in recent memory that the public profession of Christian faith has subjected a celebrity to what would otherwise be considered friendly fire.”

Extraordinary Act of Mercy (Video)

Forgiveness is a powerful, powerful thing.

Ellen Ranyard: A Women’s Ministry Pioneer

“Historians know about Ellen Ranyard. They view her as one of the great founders of social work, a visionary leader in her field. But that’s not how she would have viewed herself. She would have seen herself simply as a Bible woman.”

No, Vitamin C Won’t Cure Your Cold (Video)

Just because it’s good for you doesn’t mean more is better. And it won’t cure your cold.

The Burden of the Pioneer

When I was in child-raising mode, my mother phoned periodically. I never phoned her. God has given us sure principles to live by, and one of them is ‘with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you’ (Luke 6:38). Now it’s my turn to hear crickets, and to feel that each contact of mine is an interruption. “

Note the Kindness of God

“I have been hearing myself say, ‘God was very kind to me when He yada, yada, yada,’ or ‘God was so kind to give me X, Y, Z. . .’ Those are true statements, but even more accurate is the fact that God is kind to me all the time–its just that sometimes He gives me eyes to see His hand which is always at work for my good and His glory.”

Flashback: Flawed Heroes & Virtuous Villains

Biography wrecks the easy categories of all-good and all-bad. A good biography displays its subject in his strengths and his weaknesses, and it does not minimize the tension of paradox. Our heroes have flaws and our villains have virtues.

Rest assured, Christ will not live in the parlour of our hearts if we entertain the devil in the cellar of our thoughts. —Charles Spurgeon