A La Carte (October 4)

There are some pretty good Kindle deals on offer today.

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Westminster Books also has some good deals this week, focused on books related to sexuality.

Learning to Dream Again

Basically, if Heidi Tai writes it, I’m going to read it.

7 Ways You Can Contribute to Better Public Discourse

“Here are their seven encouragements for individuals and families to be healthier contributors for the common good.” And that’s something that benefits us all.

Why Pornography Is Affecting This Generation More Than Any Other (Video)

“This generation has been more affected by pornography than any other generation in history. I believe there are four major reasons for this. They are acceptability, accessibility, affordability, and anonymity.” This is worth thinking about.

Greater Works and the Ordinary Christian Life

I enjoyed Eleazar’s reflections on growing contended in living an ordinary life.

Book Review: Letters to the Church, by Francis Chan

Sometimes a critical review can be an excellent teaching tool, and that’s exactly the case here. “Something is wrong with the American Evangelical church. You’ve thought that. You’ve voiced this concern. But have you ever been so discouraged by the state of the church today that you would walk away from it? That’s what Francis Chan did.”

Apologetics in Africa: An Introduction

“African Christianity is growing. Missiologists have noted the shifting of the Christian centre to the global South, to the effect that more churches are to be found in Africa, Asia and Latin America than Europe and North America. This shift has resulted in the concept of  ‘reverse missions’ where currently people from the ‘Majority World’ are now taking the gospel back to lands that birthed exemplary missionaries such as Hudson Taylor, William Carrey and David Livingstone.”

The Shallowair Waste

Read, ponder, and enjoy this poem.

Flashback: How Can You Balance Life and Ministry and Your Passions and Hobbies?

At a recent event in India I was asked two interesting questions on a common theme: “How should a pastor balance his life outside of the church with his calling to ministry?” and “How should a pastor think about passions and hobbies outside of ministry?”

The fear of God promotes spiritual joy; it is the morning star which ushers in the sunlight of comfort. —Thomas Watson