A La Carte (October 30)

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How Is the Gospel Witness in Rome?

Leonardo De Chirico: “More than being associated with the Protestant Reformation in all its varieties, Italy is traditionally linked to the Counter-Reformation epitomized by the Council of Trent (1545–1563), where Protestant ideas were ‘anathemized.’ Since then, the spiritual, cultural, and ideological influence of Roman Catholicism in Italy has been essentially supreme. This does not mean, however, that the reforming waves that crossed Europe did not reach the Italian peninsula or did not make a significant—though not lasting—impact.”

It Was Supposed to Be the Safest Building in the World. Then It Cracked.

This is quite an interesting read on a big building that was found to have a big problem.

Stream the Luther Documentary for Free (SPONSORED LINK)

For a limited time, Ligonier Ministries has enabled free streaming of the award-winning documentary Luther: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer on their YouTube channel. You can also download the accompanying study guide for free here.

Kwakum Converts Baptized Yesterday!

This was a joy to read! “Yesterday, we, along with about 50 people, sang praise songs to Jesus and danced in the streets for hours. Why? Like my son Kaden said, it was because we were joining in with the angels in Heaven who were rejoicing over sinners who had repented of their sins.” Be sure to read their stories!

Winter in Japan in 8K- Mt. Moriyoshi (Video)

This stunning video is in 8K resolution, so it will look amazing on any screen!

How Porn Kills Healthy Sexual Relationships

“There are many ways pornography hurts our relationships. For our purposes, I want to look at how porn destroys healthy sexual relationships. For instance, husbands who regularly use pornography have trouble connecting sexually with their wife. Some are even unable to become sexually aroused by their spouse.”

Does “semper reformanda” Mean that the Church Should Always Be Changing? (Video)

R.C. Sproul and Sinclair Ferguson answer well.

The Lost Supper

“With everything else Americans are threatened with losing, like freedom of speech and religious liberty, “losing dinner” seems the least of our worries. Still, we miss it. Spooning mac and cheese out of the saucepan directly into one’s mouth while standing by the stove may be efficient, but it strikes most of us as slightly barbaric.”

Flashback: What’s Wrong with the Prosperity Gospel?

I was recently in Quito, Ecuador, to do some historical research, to preach at a local church, and to participate in an Ask Me Anything session. I thought you may be interested in this question and answer about the prosperity gospel.

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