A La Carte (October 5)

Westminster Books is offering deals on the bestselling books from the recent CCEF National Conference. That includes books by David Powlison, Dane Ortlund, Paul Tripp, and yours truly, among others.

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I want to continue to acknowledge those who have reviewed Seasons of Sorrow: Doug Eaton, Brianna Lambert, and Pierce Taylor Hibbs have all posted reviews to their sites, for which I’m so thankful.

Today’s Kindle deals include the IVP Pocket Reference series.

Beware the New Seeker Sensitivity

Trevin Wax: “There’s a different kind of ‘seeker sensitivity’ at work here, and I want to encourage church leaders to avoid it. We need pastors to resist the siren call of our age and give themselves over anew to the glorious call of heralding the gospel and preaching the Word, no matter what political categories get crossed.”

Entitlement is the Enemy of Worship

“Many times we approach God like we do an employer. We come not broken and indebted but rather anxious and annoyed at him. Why? Well because we feel he’s failing us. We come to collect our paycheck for service rendered and it’s late or unavailable. We feel we’ve done our part better than most but when we need him he’s not there.” In other words, we come with a sense of entitlement.

Immovable Hope in the Wake of Hurricane Ian

Jeramie Rinne writes from the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. “It’s Sunday morning, October 2, 4:30 a.m. I’m writing this from a hotel bathroom so as not to wake my wife. A week ago, I couldn’t have imagined this is where I’d be today.”

Well They Got Their Man: And It Only Took One Day

Stephen McAlpine writes about a concerning (but increasingly common) situation in Australia. “Sometimes I just get weary of Christians who say that if we were only winsome enough in the public square then we could be up front Christians and take our place in meaningful corporate roles with no pushback. As if we never are winsome. And as if winsome is even a strategy that will stave off the attacks.” (See also Murray Campbell)

Something My Dad Could Teach You

Also from Australia, Wes Bredenhof writes about his dad’s life as a police pilot and the importance of self-discipline.

We Know Our Enemy’s Plans

Darryl reminds us that we already know our enemy’s plans and that this ought to prepare us to counter them.

Flashback: Never Humble Enough

I pray sometimes that God will make me humble. But inevitably I soon find myself feeling proud for asking God such a noble thing. It’s pathetic really.

Rejecting God’s self-revelation in favor of our own ideas about what he would or wouldn’t do is the height of self-righteous pride. —Albert Mohler