A La Carte (October 4)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Christian, Do You Expect to Face Persecution?)

Should Women Preach in Our Churches?

Kevin DeYoung: “This is not an article about the case for complementarianism instead of egalitarianism. That matters, of course, but this piece is for self-identified complementarians wondering if their theology can allow, or should allow, for women preaching. Here is the question I want to address: Is there biblical justification, given basic complementarian convictions, for the practice of women preaching sermons in a Sunday worship service?”

Longing, Loss, and the Life to Come

“Out of nowhere, the feeling—soon to be a familiar one—swept over me: a great desire, an aching yearning, a tremendous longing for something I couldn’t name.” You’ve known that feeling too, haven’t you?

Should You Marry Two Unbelievers?

Hershael York talks about marrying two unbelievers and considers a circumstance in which he might even marry a believer and an unbeliever.

Serve Others With Your Books

This article considers how to build a library that will serve others rather than simply yourself.

Reaping God’s Presence

“Everyone’s a farmer. We’re always sowing and reaping, planting and harvesting, putting down seeds and taking up crops. We just do so with our thoughts, words, and actions.”

Rollercoaster ministry isn’t healthy

“There is a danger in the Christian life.  I’ve seen it again and again in young people and families and others; it’s the Christian life lived as a rollercoaster.” I’ve seen that too…

Flashback: My Own Little Paradise in an Ocean of Ugliness

We genuinely do make progress, yet always know that many decades of struggle in this life will be but baby steps compared to the mighty leap we will experience when we are finally perfected in the moment of death.

If error be harmless, then truth must be worthless. —Abraham Booth