A La Carte (September 1)


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Free from ChristianAudio is How Should We Then Live? by Francis Schaeffer. Free from Logos is Living the Dream: Joseph for Today by Pete Wilcox.

Making a Case for Books – If you are a book lover, you’ll enjoy this video, a stop-motion film showing the building of a bookcase (by someone who has way better tools than you do).

Not Giving Up! – I appreciated reading Kimberly Wagner’s call for prayer in the midst of life’s battles. 

A Puritan Worship Service – Justin Taylor describes you might experience if you could attend a Puritan worship service.

This Is Why We Are Here – I loved reading this short dispatch from the mission field.

Glazed and Confused – Here’s why a lot of Canadians are not thrilled about Burger King attempt to purchase Tim Horton’s.

The Boy with Half a Brain – This is a fascinating longform article that introduces you to a boy who has only half a brain.

Labor Daze – Here are four things you weren’t told during your job orientation. But they are all true, and all fundamental to understanding vocation.

The sins of the wicked anger God—but the sins of professing Christians grieve him. —Thomas Watson