A La Carte (September 14)

I found just a handful of new Kindle deals. Meanwhile, Westminster Books has some solid deals on classic works published by Banner of Truth. They also have a lot of Cruciform books on sale, including many of mine.

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(Yesterday on the blog: How do You Choose A Bible Translation?)

Favoritism in the Church

To prejudge someone is to determine his worth or worthlessness. The usual people of high value are the gifted teacher, the wealthy member, and the young family that will bring children or other young families. The needy who take up a lot of time and need a lot of discipling do not often find immediate favor in the church.”

Finding the Antichrist Today

Kim Riddelbarger offers a bit of clarity on the Antichrist.

D. A. Carson on the (Ambiguous) Claim ‘This Is a Gospel Issue’

Justin Taylor recaps and recommends a very helpful article by D.A. Carson.

Call Sinners to Do the Impossible

“We do not need to try to ‘protect’ Reformed teachings by over-qualifying gospel calls. Go ahead and proclaim the impossible to sinners. Then watch God do what only He can do!”

Rebirth of the Gods: The Normalization of Pagan Spirituality

This should be a helpful series. “We used to talk about the New Age. When I first began to think about how a worldview can shape culture, New Age was all the rage. Now noone even mentions New Age. So it must have failed, right? Actually, quite the opposite: it became normal. That phrase ‘spiritual but not religious’ is just one indication that people have accepted the paganism which New Age tried to establish.”

Five Counseling Myths in the Church

Pastoral care and counsel—that is what we are considering. It is the word counsel that leads to some confusion and differences of opinion. With that in mind, here are a few myths I have heard.”

5 Ways to Be a Godly Grandparent

AiG has had a lot lately on being a godly grandparent. “You’ve done your job: you raised your kids and watched them leave the nest to start families of their own. It’s time to relax with, enjoy, and spoil the grandkids . . . right? Well, yes and no.”

Flashback: Whatever Is False, Whatever Is Dishonorable, Whatever Is Unjust…

What makes holy people holy? What makes unholy people unholy? To a large degree it is what fills their minds and their hearts.

One of the effects of being marked by suffering is learning to value the future. Not all the crying or pain goes away now, but he will make all things new. —David Powlison