A La Carte (September 18)

It has been a productive time in Zambia and I very much enjoyed worshiping with Faith Baptist Church Kakolo. Today I begin making my way to the northern part of the continent.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Christ’s Second Advent)

Help Me Find a Loving Dentist

Kevin is looking for help finding a loving dentist. But as you may guess, I don’t think he’s actually talking about dentists.

Public Pulpit Prayers

J.V. Fesko has a helpful article on praying public prayers.

Teach the Metanarrative of Scripture to Little Kids

The new God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook from The Good Book Company connects 92 foundational Bible stories by showing how God makes and keeps his promises. (Sponsored Link)

The State We’re In

“How do we know when a civilisation is nearing its end? If one sign is a general ennui, listlessness, lethargy, then we could well be almost there. We are always prone to moan and complain and imagine that ‘the good old days’ were a real thing (they weren’t) but there is a collective weariness across the British Isles; a sense that nothing is working quite like it should. Broken politics, broken healthcare, crumbling concrete.”

He Says This is “Literally Impossible” (Video)

Red Pen Logic offers a response to an increasingly common argument.

Contentment doesn’t mean you must stay in the same circumstance forever

It’s a valid question: If we are told to be content in all circumstances, does that mean it’s wrong to try to change those circumstances?

How Puritan Women Debunk 3 Puritan Stereotypes

“I hate to say it, but Puritan stereotypes—which go all the way back to the 17th Century—are still going strong. It almost seems like no matter how many solid scholarly books are written about them, the stereotypes will live on.” Jenny-Lyn de Klerk addresses three of them.

Flashback: Not a Matter of Pitch or Tone

Those who struggle to sing may be self-conscious, tempted to stay quiet or to do no more than mumble along. Should they? Not at all, for singing is a matter of the heart before it is a matter of pitch or tone.

Contentment is the product of the heart that is resting in God. —A.W. Pink