A La Carte (September 20)

Good morning. May grace and peace be with you today.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Richer Blood Than Ours)

What the Seasons Say

Glenna Marshall: “Sometimes I’ve wondered why God created things the way He did. Why day and night? Why four seasons? Why the divisions in days and years?” I like her answer.

God Is in the Details (Video)

You may enjoy this latest video from the John 10:10 Project.

For Better, for Worse…

“Last week I came across a remarkable story. Jean-Pierre Adams was a French footballer in the 1970s and 80s, and he passed away on the 6th September, aged 73. He was capped 22 times for France, and was part of a formidable defensive duo for the national side. He played over 250 games for Nice, Nimes and Paris Saint-Germain. But what makes this story remarkable is that for the past 39 years he has been in a coma, looked after tirelessly by his wife.”

Signaling Our Consumption

John Beeson: “We no longer just buy things. A choice to purchase your groceries at Whole Foods, to take your family to Chic-Fil-A, to wear Patagonia clothing, or eat Ben & Jerry’s ice cream communicates something to everyone watching. Brands are tripping over themselves to signal the loudest.”

You Need Christ to Put Your Sin to Death

Dane Ortlund writes about putting sin to death. “There is the kind of pain that comes to us without our permission—suffering, anguish, frustration, washing into our lives contrary to what we want or expect. But alongside this kind of pain in which we are passive is another kind of pain in which we are active. I refer to the age-old discipline that theologians call mortification.”

The Frustrating Paradox of Serving with an Amiable Autocrat

I appreciate this term: amiable autocrat. “It’s possible to be a pleasant tyrant. Nice dictators exist, at least in the leadership sense. I refer to these types of leaders in the church as amiable autocrats. Friendly church dictators rule from their positional authority. They order everyone around because their title enables them to do so, and they do it with a smile.”

Flashback: How To Lose Your Zeal for Christ

Are you zealous for Christ? Do you have a genuine zeal to live for him and to advance his cause in the world? Or have you lost the zeal that once marked you?

There is no lesson that husbands and wives need more to learn, than instantly and always to seek forgiveness of each other whenever they are conscious of having in any way caused pain or committed a wrong. —J.R. Miller