A La Carte (September 21)

For those who have been looking for it, the song “In the Valley (Bless the Lord)” which was written to go along with Seasons of Sorrow has now made its way to Spotify, Apple Music, and so on. You should now be able to listen to it wherever you listen to good music!

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Speaking of the book, if you have been wondering what it’s all about, there are now a few reviews out there you can read: Donna Evans; The Palest Ink; Lisa LaGeorge.

Westminster Books is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Piper’s classic Let the Nations Be Glad by putting it and other similar titles on sale. At Amazon you’ll find some Kindle deals.

One Last Magnificent Porous Day

This is really good: “For one brief day the world was porous again. For one brief day we recognised that the invisible world still leaks into the visible. For one brief day – perhaps one final day – transcendence was admitted into the public square in the modern Western world, and we all stood and acknowledged it.” (See also Intermission: Last Post for Christian England)


The John 10:10 Project has another neat video. “It’s not particularly big, fast, or strong, yet the archerfish is one of the most proficient hunters in all of nature. Inhabiting shallow estuaries from India to Australia, the archer generates powerful jets of fluid that routinely dislodge insects clinging to branches up to six feet above the water line.”

Remembering Rich Mullins

It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since Rich Mullins died. Lisa remembers him in this article.

Conservative Theology Marks many new Canadians

I’m so thankful that my church has also been blessed in the ways Clint describes here. “The encouraging feature of many of the new Canadians at my church is the fact that they are bringing their theology with them. And the theology is good.”

Raising Emotional Healthy Ministry Kids

Eliza Huie: “This article is written for parents who are serving in ministry, and it is for the church. We all have a part in raising emotionally healthy ministry kids. Below are three issues ministry kids face and what parents and the church can do.”

Something to Eat

Andrea expresses a matter of caution here that we’d do well to consider.

Flashback: No Hand But His Ever Holds the Shears

If it is our loving gardener who does the pruning, we can be sure there are never any unwise or careless cuts. Though we may not know why this branch has had to be trimmed or that one removed, we do know the one who wields the blade.

A person may not allow us to talk to them about God, but they cannot keep us from talking to God about them. The power of Intercession! —Paul Washer