A La Carte (September 28)

I have been asked to do quite a number of interviews recently and, as a courtesy to those who have invited me, wanted to link to some of them: Real Truth for Today (audio); Bible Gateway (written); Guilt Grace Gratitude (audio); LIFE Today (video).

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The other day I mentioned that Westminster Books has launched a site specifically for kids’ books. They’ve done a great job of it and provide an explanation here.

Today’s Kindle deals include a few interesting books. (Amazon also has quite a number of board games and puzzles on sale.)

Progressive Views on Sexuality Will Ultimately Fail

Trevin Wax says, rightly, that “we’ll likely see more churches and denominations adopt the revisionist view of sexuality, but over time, the bankruptcy of this position will be evident.”

Two Hundred Years Ago, the Rosetta Stone Unlocked the Secrets of Ancient Egypt

This is a neat telling of the discovery and importance of the Rosetta Stone.

I Want to Be Baptized — My Husband Opposes It

John Piper answers a question from a woman who wants to be baptized, but whose husband is opposed.

A Lesson from Liz Cheney’s Loss

Kevin DeYoung: “This is not going to be a deep dive into electoral politics. That’s not my lane. But I do want to reflect on one lesson from Liz Cheney’s 37-point defeat in Wyoming’s Republican primary. I don’t say the lesson, because there are many, but a lesson, because I believe this is one cautionary tale that many of us in leadership would do well to consider.”

Moths & Beetles in Slow Motion Flight! (Video)

It never ceases to amaze me that, despite all our technological advancements, God’s designs are a million miles ahead of our own.

Finding Courage and Resolve When a Line In the Sand Demands It

“Sometimes lines happen between good and evil, right and wrong. Oftentimes those lines in the sand reveal who or what we worship. Always they bring opportunity to grow our faith.”

Flashback: Death to the One-Year Rule!

It’s a sad reality that at times a man will need to be removed from his ministry. When that happens, we do well to carefully consider the unwritten “one-year rule” and whether it will be helpful or harmful. A year may be a long time, but as often as not, it will not be long enough.

Calvary supplied the most solemn and awe-inspiring display of God’s hatred of sin that time or eternity will ever furnish. —A.W. Pink