A La Carte (September 6)

Thanks to all who came out to the launch event yesterday. It was a blessing to meet so many of you. I’m sorry that we ran out of books! The bookstore is attempting to replenish them; alternatively, you can order it from the bookstore (for delivery to your home) or at any online retailer.

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Don’t Sleep on Rural Ministry

Jared Wilson has some good comments here on rural ministry.

How Can I Confirm Whether I Am Truly Saved? (Video)

This is a helpful answer to a very common question.

The Word Faithfully Preached

I enjoyed these comments on faithful preachers and faithful preaching


“Simon invites Jesus to a meal in his home. Holding Him at arm’s length. Studying the Master. And in the midst of critical scrutiny, he foregoes the most basic act of hospitality. Washing the feet of his guest.”

Why would God ever be gracious to us?

“Why would God ever be gracious to us? Why would he ever be gracious and kind and loving to a bunch of miserable, rotten sinners? After all, the God of the Bible is quite explicit in his condemnation of us from start to finish.”

Driven by Awe: Fighting Sin

“When Christians think of fighting sin, we usually imagine strict self-discipline and saying ‘no’ to wrong desires. Certainly, self-control is one of the fruits of the Spirit and a means of helping us fight our sin. But, what if we had another tool given to us by the Spirit to help us overcome?”

Flashback: Parent Love and Grandparent Love

Let me offer two ways I believe grandparents can take on a role of spiritual influence in the lives of their grandchildren.

When discipline leaves a church, Christ goes with it. —John Dagg