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About Today’s Seasons of Sorrow Launch Event

Seasons of Sorrow

This morning I will be hosting a launch event for my new book Seasons of Sorrow. It will be taking place immediately prior to the Getty Music Sing! Conference at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

For those who plan to attend, or who still wish to attend, here’s the information you’ll need:

  • I will be joined by Alistair Begg, Bob Lepine, and the band CityAlight (who will, in turn, be joined by Sandra McCracken). I will open the event, then Alistair, Bob, and I will have a discussion about God’s purposes and God’s comfort in our times of grief, sorrow, and loss. CityAlight and Sandra McCracken will close things out by debuting a new song titled “In the Valley (Bless the Lord).” This song, which is inspired by Seasons of Sorrow, will debut at the conference, then be released to all music platforms on September 13, which is also the book’s official release date. The recorded version of the song is a duet with CityAlight’s vocalist and Sandra McCracken.
  • The event will begin at 10:30 AM and be held in the Delta Ballroom, which is the “main room” that will host the conference’s plenary sessions. The event will end by 11:30 to allow plenty of time to get some lunch before the conference formally begins.
  • If you are attending the Sing! conference, you can simply come to the Delta ballroom for 10:30 AM. Please do come, even if you haven’t registered!
  • If you are not attending the Sing! conference you are also welcome to come; perhaps plan to arrive just a few minutes early since the resort is big, sprawling, and fairly difficult to navigate.
  • Seasons of Sorrow will be available for purchase at the launch event and in the conference bookstore.
  • Though the launch event will not be live-streamed, it will be recorded and released to those who are attending the Virtual Conference. (Save 35% on any virtual pass with coupon code CHALLIES35.)

I am looking forward to seeing many of you there. I plan to stick around after the event to meet you, so please don’t feel the need to rush off. See you soon!

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