Sunday A La Carte

Happy Sunday! If you have a few spare moments to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon, here are some links that may be of interest.

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“Christ Be All”

Here’s a beautiful new hymn that makes for good listening on a Sunday morning.

Why I’d Go to Church If I Were Not a Pastor

H.B. Charles Jr. tells why he would go to church even if his livelihood didn’t depend on it. If you’re reading this early on a Sunday morning and thinking about not going to church, well, let him persuade you to get up and go!

Rest In Peace Larry Tesler

Larry Tesler was the mind behind a little computer-based function none of us want to do without! “Tesler spent his career working at a number of the most high-profile tech companies in the business, including Xerox, Amazon and Yahoo, and was hired by Steve Jobs to work at Apple, where he served as chief scientist and spent more than 15 years. Tesler’s speciality was something called user interface engineering — the design of electronic, mobile or personal computer systems to make them more responsive and intuitive and therefore easier for people to understand and use.”

Surrender Your Right to be Angry with Your Spouse

“He had every reason to be mad for awhile. He could have punished me with cold silence or long explanations of how mean my words had been. He would have been justified in holding onto his anger for the rest of the night, in staying on the far edge of his side of the bed, unyielding. He could have awakened the next morning with anger still burning inside, not yet ready to forgive his wife and closest friend. He could have done any of those things with perfectly legitimate cause. But he didn’t.”

How Presidential Debates Evolved Over Time (Video)

WSJ explains why presidential debates exist and how they’ve evolved over time.

4 Reasons Why We Should Preach Hard Texts

John Piper offers four reasons that preachers shouldn’t shy away from the hard texts. (Which reminds me of a church I went where the pastor decided to preach Romans, but to skip chapter 9 lest he offend people with the tricky texts related to predestination.)

It’s Never Too Early

It’s never too early to build good habits with your family. “The children get their breakfasts of cereal or mugs of heavily creamed coffee then sit down. My husband, who has been up an hour before me this morning, opens a black Bible to the place we are in the story and begins to read once everyone has what they need.”