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Sunday A La Carte

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Every now and again I collect so much good material that I can’t fit it all into that week’s A La Carte posts. When that happens I’ve been known to create a Sunday edition—something I am doing today. I hope there’s something here that grabs your attention!

Does Hidden Sin Bring Physical Suffering?

John Piper considers whether hidden sin can bring physical suffering. (He also points out, crucially, that not all physical suffering is caused by hidden sin.)

Your Secrets Keep You Sick

And, on a somewhat similar note, here’s John Beeson. “The voice of shame is consistent. It catastrophizes and wants us to hide our secrets. Shame begets more shame as we create new secrets to cover up past secrets. It tells us that the pain will be too much, that things will get better over time if we just keep our secret hidden for a little longer.”

Why Is Love Called the Greatest of These? (1 Corinthians 13)

Andy Naselli considers why Paul calls love “the greatest of these.” “Love is not a spiritual gift. It is essential for using spiritual gifts, and it is more important than spiritual gifts.”

Alistair Begg’s Controversy Taught Us Something VERY Important (Video)

I appreciate Todd Friel’s handling of the recent controversy related to Alistair Begg. His focus in this video is not the issue itself, but the way it is handled and the fallout from it. And, crucially, it’s on preserving and protecting unity within the church.

Abraham Lincoln’s Unchurched Faith

So many people have tried to figure out the nature of Abraham Lincoln’s faith. This opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal offers some interesting thoughts on it. “The First Presbyterian Church in Springfield, Ill., opened in 1876, but its most famous congregant never crossed the church’s threshold. Abraham Lincoln’s relationship with First Presbyterian dates to an earlier location, across town, and it was by no means an easy connection.”

The Funnies

I really enjoy Chris Martin’s weekly “The Funnies” newsletter. It’s kind of like the weekend comic sections that used to come in a newspaper—just a few good laughs.

And that’s it for today. See you again tomorrow!

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