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Sunday A La Carte (August 16)

This was one of those weeks where I collected so many good links that I decided that rather than throwing some of them away, I’d add an extra Sunday edition of A La Carte. I hope you enjoy it!

The Blessing Of Plural Eldership

Here are just a few of the blessings of plural eldership. “There are few things quite as destructive to a church than a disunited, warring eldership – which we have suffered in time past – and little that blesses a church so much as brothers who are clearly united in the gospel as co-workers seeking to glorify God, make much of the gospel and shepherd the flock God has entrusted to us.”

Public School Uncertainties

A lot of people are accustomed to complaining about the public school system. But perhaps this year, more than any other, we should commit to praying for it as it will face unprecedented challenges. Who knows how the Lord might use those prayers?

J.I. Packer: A Personal Remembrance

I very much enjoyed this personal remembrance of J.I. Packer. “After years of brash, loud, flashy, attention-drawing, self-promoting, personal empire-building American preachers and ministries, Packer was a breath of fresh air—humble, self-effacing, reserved, God-centered and Christ-exalting. Some might say that he merely was a typical Englishman, yet there was more to it than that: His humility in the context of intellectual superiority and exceptional accomplishment was a fruit of the Spirit’s work. Packer was a man of God.”

How Did Roman Catholic Views on Mary Change in the 20th Century?

Robert Godfrey tells how Catholic views on Mary changed (and were formalized) in the twentieth century.

Feeds on Fire

Here’s a needed warning. “As in Samson’s day, foxes now run in our social media circles with fire on their tails. Our incendiary online culture has been well documented. Some of us (myself included) have scrolled just to find the latest fire, the freshest controversy, the newest uproar. We may have more arsonist in us than we assume.”

When the Headlines are Horrifying

“Does anyone else wonder if the world is just falling apart? If you caught any of the headlines from this past week you know just what I mean. The chaos, controversy, and riots. Add to that, it’s an election year. Debates, campaigns, and polls all swirling around in a cloud of uncertainty. Not to mention the fears over our economy and our physical safety.”

Can I Miss God’s Best For Me?

Do you ever fear that you’ve somehow missed God’s best for you? This article is meant to address that fear.

I am absolutely convinced that meaninglessness does not come from being weary of pain; meaninglessness comes from being weary of pleasure. And that is why we find ourselves emptied of meaning with our pantries still full.

—Ravi Zacharias

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