Sunday A La Carte (December 2)

This is one of those rare Sunday editions of A La Carte. I collected so many great articles and videos over the course of the week that, rather than deleting a bunch of them, I thought I’d put them into this bonus A La Carte.

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President George H.W. Bush, 1924–2018

WORLD magazine remembers President George H.W. Bush. “Bush began his presidency on Jan. 20, 1989, and led the country during an era of tumultuous foreign politics in a fragile, rapidly changing world. He was a man of traditional values who spoke unashamedly about his faith, loved country music, and sparked a collective national gasp when he admitted he hated broccoli.”

Hollywood Is a Sex-Grooming Gang

More and more is coming to light about the terrible realities behind Hollywood. Surely at some point we need to rethink our relationship to it. “If you’re tempted to turn away from the torrent of squalid news that continues to flow out of Hollywood, resist the temptation. The more of these revolting exposes you read, the more clearly you will see the underlying monstrosity in Hollywood, as clearly as the hero of John Carpenter’s They Live sees aliens disguised as everyday people when he puts on the sunglasses.”

John Chau’s Death Was A Missionary Failure Nobody Should Emulate

Some people asked if I’d share an article about John Chau that took a more critical view of his decisions. Here’s one from The Federalist that makes several very reasonable critiques. “The critique here is not about Chau’s motives or character. I do not dispute that he was genuinely motivated by a love for Christ and for the Sentinel Islanders. Rather, the critique is about evangelical institutions that catastrophically failed to guide and nurture Chau’s zeal towards a more productive end.”

How Overparenting Backfired on Americans (Video)

I think it’s undeniable that many children today are overparented–they are given too little freedom and given it too late in life. (Note: there’s one bad word in the video.)

Raising Future Husbands and Wives

“We can’t help but dream of seeing our children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews grow up to become outstanding athletes, artists, or achievers of various kinds. We see their gifts surface at a young age and wonder to what heights those gifts might carry them. … But when is the last time you looked at a little face and thought, ‘I would love to see him grow up to be a great husband or to see her grow up to be a great wife’?”

Why These Headhunters Became Christians (Video)

This video is a few years old, but is fascinating as it explores why a group of headhunters converted to Christianity.

How Restaurants Got So Loud

I’ve often wondered how restaurants got so loud. I kind of figured it’s just that I am getting old, but perhaps there’s more to it. “Luxury didn’t always mean loud, and there are lessons to be learned from the glamorous restaurants of the past, including actual mid-century modern eateries. From the 1940s through the early 1990s, fine-dining establishments expressed luxury via generous seating, plush interiors, and ornate decor. But more importantly, acoustic treatments themselves were a big part of that luxury.”