Sunday A La Carte (June 23)

Every day I scour the internet to look for interesting articles and videos. Sometimes I find far more than can fit from Monday to Saturday, and this was one of those weeks. Hence, here’s a Sunday edition of A La Carte.

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I recommend watching Alistair Begg on “Knowing vs Feeling in Worship” at least once per year.

The Naked Truth

This is a very interesting article that poetically celebrates the gift and the mystery of sexuality. “I want to loosen my grip and tell them of awkwardness and shame, how our bodies make promises, break promises, and make up for broken promises still. I want to say something about the battle of being known, convey that every inch of her is worth fighting for, that better is one day lying next to her than a thousand elsewhere. But I hold back my words in the name of propriety, for the sake of honoring the mystery.”

Facebook’s New Libra Coin

You probably heard this week that Facebook rolled out a new currency. Lifehacker tells what it’s about and what it’s meant to accomplish. “A little like Bitcoin and a little like PayPal, Libra will be a new digital currency, one available to people without bank accounts or credit cards, but that could potentially be a major force for the rest of us, too. But first you have to trust Facebook with yet more personal data.”

Chick-fil-A Got Big By Keeping its Menu Small (Video)

Chick-fil-A managed its stupendous growth not despite a small menu (compared to its competitors) but in some ways because of it.

Like A Bird In A Thunderstorm

“My love of birds makes tears fill my eyes at the thought of a tiny sparrow huddled all alone in a storm while her Maker demonstrates his might. But I bet she trusts Him more than I do. In fact, I know she does.”

I Am My Body

Mark Loughridge: “We were made a body-mind unity by God. The Bible paints a rich picture of the body as a gift from God, and of the mind as a gift from God. If we taught that our bodies are a presentfrom God, designed and given by Him to us, to be accepted and used for His glory by us—would that not help with issues of sexuality and many other issues?”

The Indescribable Joy Of Loving The Church God Called You To

There is something very refreshing in this article. “A good pastor nearly left a good church. And for what? Not because of problems, infighting, moral failing or even being called elsewhere. It was simply a lack of numbers.”

‘No One Died’: Behind the typo on the new $50 note

Could this be the most printed typo in history? “No one noticed the triple mistake on the new $50 note for almost two years before 480 million were printed and rolled out across the country.”