Weekend A La Carte (11/17)

Sex Is Cheap – Collin Hansen writes that sex is cheap in Birmingham. “We knew Redeemer Community Church meets in a tough neighborhood. In fact, that’s why we’re here. So the sting itself didn’t catch our attention. But you could hear the gasps in the congregation when Joel told us the going rate for a prostitute in our neighborhood. Sex is cheap in Birmingham.”

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Phone Restaurant Etiquette – Here’s a helpful guide to the etiquette of using your mobile phone while at a restaurant.

Questions for Expositors – Tim Chester answers ten questions for expositors. This is quite a helpful interview.

Yes, CIA and FBI Can Read Your Email – Here’s a realistic, take-off-the-tin-foil-hat look at what the government can do to access your email account.

Space Pictures This Week – National Geographic puts together some great, recent pictures of space.

Christianity and Celebrity Status – Barnabas Piper offers an insightful look at Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow and what Christians do when they lost interest in their celebrities.

Multitudes who come to church for comfort need to be severely discomfited and awakened out of their lethal slumbering. –Richard Owen Roberts