Weekend A La Carte (1/26)

The Real Cessationist – C. Michael Patton’s articles are always a little bit on the long side, but they’re also quite helpful. In this one he looks at the difference between charismatics and cessationists.

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Without Adam the Good News Turns Bad – This is what Michael Reeves argues over at the Desiring God blog, that without a historical Adam, the good news turns bad.

5 Reasons Christians Need to Hear the Gospel – “In his opening chapter of Preaching Christ from the Old Testament, Sidney Greidanus lists five reasons for preaching Christ today and five reasons why committed Christians as well as non-Christians need to hear explicitly Christ-centered sermons.”

Being Forgiven – Elisha offers a reflection on sin and forgiveness. ” sit slumped forward, discouraged, and hope runs thin as I replay the conversation. Why did I choose to be annoyed? Why did I choose to speak harshly? Why did I choose to let it get under my skin instead of absorbing the offense?”

Airport Logic – Air travel is not known for being entirely rational, is it?

North Korean Propaganda – North Korea must be the most fascinating country in the world. “The Arirang mass games in Pyongyang, North Korea, are the largest and most bombastic exercise of state propaganda in the world. Few foreigners are permitted to watch this summertime spectacle extolling the founding myths of the communist state.”

To be biblically evangelistic, we must be certain that what we do leads men to faith, not just to decisions. –Jim Ehrhard