Weekend A La Carte (3/2)

Sequestageddon – I guess the best reason to read this article is that Mark Steyn deals so well with the radical overstatement that is happening. “If I understand correctly, by the time you read this, the planes will be dropping from the skies; the drip-feeds in every emergency room will be dry; every creature on the endangered species list will have broken free from our pristine federally manned national parks to be left for roadkill in the potholed asphalt of America’s crumbling interstates…”

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You’ve Got – This is a great video about a unique business owner.

You’re Leading Worship Too – “There are few things more confusing to me than watching a worship team standing on the platform, and seeing the face of a worship leader who has all of his being in engaged in worship of God. But then as I survey the rest of the team, I see a bass player with a too-cool-for-school scowl on his face or a guitar player with a sheepishly bewildered or bored look on his face. Or a keys player whose face is completely expressionless, glued to a sheet of music.”

Searching for the Seventies – A photo gallery.

The Best Kind of Work – Adam Holz finds some marriage inspiration in an unexpected place.

The Age of the Brag – Here is one parents may do well to read: “The age of the brag is over: why Facebook might be losing teens.” It tells you where they are migrating (which gives you another couple of social networks you may want to keep an eye on).

The Little Flowers – I’ve seen this video twenty times but still laugh.

When we deal seriously with our sins, God will deal gently with us. –C.H. Spurgeon