Weekend A La Carte (4/16)

Deer Stands Guard – Don’t we all like stories like this one? “It’s a scene right out of a Disney movie, mother goose has lost her lifelong mate and is now left alone to create and tend to her nest in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, NY.  She spends the day sheltering her eggs from the cool spring air inside an empty urn she has chosen as home.”

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Mall Madness ’89 – It’s a blast from the past: the hair, the pants…

Harold Camping – Robert Godfrey has worked up a short series of posts about Harold Camping and his predictions about the end of the world. There are three parts to it.

Holy Week Visualization – This is an interesting timeline visualization of the last week of Jesus’s life.

An Adoption Story – Adopting a 15-year old. “You can look up the statistics for yourself.  Even if you don’t, with little effort, your imagination will carry you to the dark and horrific circumstances that are the reality for a sixteen year old girl, with no family and no resources, on the streets of Russia. This is the story that my wife heard from our friend, which she then relayed to me.  What could we do?  We had to make a decision and we didn’t have the luxury of time.”

Every Life – For a video that ends with a person hugging a cow, this is quite powerful.

Many learned men, with all the rich furniture of their brain, live and die slaves to the spirit of this world. –William Law